Thinking Magically™ | How Objects of Affection Can Empower You

This blanket is a necessity. It keeps me from cracking up. It may be regarded as a spiritual tourniquet. Without it, I’d be nothing, a ship without a rudder.

                                                                                                              – Linus van Pelt

Things have always been a formidable part of a magician’s contrivances; those visible objects, articles, charms, and totems that secretly establish an undeniably compelling bridge between your internal and external realities. Think back now on some of your favorite stories. Many of them have objects around which our heroes’ lives and the story revolve:

A feather

A one ring

A lamp

A holy grail

A sword

A wand

Some magical objects are more intricate and elaborate. Many are unremarkable and unfussy to anyone except the one who possesses (or seeks) it. No matter what the object, one common trait remains – the amulet stands as an unquestionable reminder that wishes can become reality. And the object of affection then becomes the giver of unlimited power. To put it another way, our object of affection is, quite literally, a token of our desires. Wanting to satisfy your desires, the object of your affection then serves as a reminder of your intentions.

A magical object, by the way, can be as mundane as a red Solo cup. Singer Toby Keith and songwriters Brett and Brad Warren have taken an innocuous plastic cup and, through their music, created an international symbol for good times. Whether you agree with the symbol’s significance or not, today when someone holds up a red Solo cup, there is a certain vibe immediately attached to it. It is that same instant and influential connection that you want to create in developing an object of affection (a conduit for personal power) of your own.

Physical symbols, objects, and charms have played an important role throughout history. There is every reason for you to start putting that same power of attachment and inspiration to use for you. In fact, you’ve likely already done so with a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing that you wear. Let’s take that one step higher now and come up with a magical object that is imbued with your desire for a specific outcome.


STEP ONE: Let your magical object find you.

Most powerful symbols in our lives find us, not the other way around. The truly effective ones knock into us one day or whack us on the side of the head as we are thinking about our dreams, and there is an instant understanding that this symbol now encapsulates everything you want and need about a certain goal. Take the time to meditate upon what you want to manifest. Then start noticing what objects keep appearing in your daily life. Upon further contemplation, your magical object will appear to you; almost as a mirror image or casting back of what you have been projecting.

STEP TWO: Make your magical object transportable.

You want an object that can be carried on you as a constant reminder through sight, touch, and perhaps smell of what you want to manifest. Because our magical object of affection is choosing you, it will not always be a convenient size to carry around with you. If that occurs, then create a smaller version of the original object – even if it’s a drawing that is placed in your purse or wallet.

STEP THREE: Ask your object some wise questions.

Use your object of affection as a focal point for some meditation. Don’t simply be passive about using it, though. Start mentally asking your object questions like: Why are you important? What do you mean? What do I need to know and do to achieve my goal? and How do you work your magic? Then . . . listen!

STEP FOUR: Use your object to move your forward in the direction of your dreams.

Having a symbol for your dreams and desires is purposeless unless you put that object to excellent use. You need to energize and set the power behind your personal symbol in action. You can do this in several different way. For example, you might want to create a command word to go along with your object; an expression that encapsulates everything you want to achieve. All you need do is say that word or phrase as you hold or touch your personal object. The power of your words will create a psychological and emotional attachment to the object. When you touch the object (or visualize it) your psychological state and emotional energy will instantly return. Make certain that you wear or carry your object with you all the time and for so long as it serves you well. Your object of affect is, after all, the one thing that best represents what you want to accomplish.

Your object of affection carries real magic because, in the end, it always imparts significance to you. It is no coincidence that the word symbol springs from the Greek word symbolon; a word meaning token. Use your personal token, then, as a reminder and deeper reality of what you want to achieve and the success you want to experience.

One more thing. I have previously written about creating personal, imaginary symbols. You might find some value in revisiting that article, as well:

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Magically™ | How Objects of Affection Can Empower You

  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! I love the synchronicity as I’ve been pondering the meaning of magickal objects in my own life since I came across a second-hand silver goddess necklace at a local outdoor market a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been wearing it almost daily since I got it and miss it when I’m not wearing it. It briefly crossed my mind that I ‘should’ cleanse it before wearing it but it feels fantastic the way it is – almost as if it is a family heirloom, lovingly handed down. I’m going to sit down and interview it tonight – I created a Tarot spread for this very purpose a few months ago
    I’ll use your questions too and I might even ask it if it has a name 🙂 Bright blessings, Lisa

    • Lisa – I am honored that this article touched you and that you are discovering/rediscovering some techniques to take your own sensitivity and intuition to the next level. I can easily see how your Magickal Object Tarot Spread fits with al lthis and can’t wait to read the “name” that is revealed to you. Be magical. – Scott

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