Thinking Magically™ | The Four Secrets of Creating Positive Obsessions

Cure for an obsession: get another one.
– Mason Cooley

How would work be different if you are able to become immersed – totally and completely – in any project until it was accomplished? How would your relationships be better if you bring undeniable passion to every encounter you have with someone? And how would your friendships improve and prosper if you have an almost fanatical enthusiasm about life?

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to zero in on a goal with a well-defined awareness can be the difference between massive success and monstrous failure. It is that very realization that leads me to suggest to you that you start looking for ways to become confidently obsessive about the things, people, and dreams that serve you well! In other words, and to paraphrase the 19th century psychiatrist, Karl Westphal, I want you to have plaguing thoughts at the foreground of your consciousness that, in spite of and contrary to the will of others, give you extraordinary single-mindedness and make you more than you once believed yourself to be.

The beauty of using positive obsessions to create the life you’ve set your heart on is they are uncomplicated and straightforward to create. Unlike negative obsessions which are aberrant, uncharacteristic, and do not serve you well, positive obsessions can be powerfully used to keep you motivated, excited, and interested in what you are accomplishing.

So . . . Without further ado, here are the real secrets to creating a charming compulsion.

THE FIRST SECRET: Create a premeditated obsession.

Determine what the dream you want to accomplish and make certain that it will serve you well. In other words, does it take you, your family, your friends, your business, and the world around you to the next level? Pledge to yourself that you are going to zero in on that goal. Make time each day to daydream about what you want to accomplish. Spend a few minutes in the morning, afternoon, and before you go to bed brooding over your desire. I want you to be lost in the thought of what your life will be like once your dream is realized.

THE SECOND SECRET: Let your feelings flow freely.

You want to be madly, insanely, and unrestrainedly in love with the things, people, and events you want to manifest in your life. Let yourself be so immersed in your premeditated obsession that you experience impulsive and uninhibited joy in what you are focusing on. This means that you have to be uninhibited and let yourself get lost in the actions your heart is telling you to take. This in the zone state also means making certain that your fantasizing is accompanied by the fundamental awareness that you are always in control of the dream!

THE THIRD SECRET: Use positive self-talk.

I’ve said it many times before: the excellence in your life is equal to the excellence of your decisions. And the excellence of your choices is equal to the excellent of the way you talk to yourself (and others). Even your positive obsessive thoughts and actions will periodically be barged into and upon by adverse situations. Start noticing the self-talk that is constantly going on in your head. Really take the time to make the distinctions between the gloomy and defeatist voices in your head and those that are supportive and confident. When you begin to notice the negative self-talk, you can begin to say STOP when they occur. Then switch your self-talk over from negative wording to useful and affirmative statements.

THE FOURTH SECRET: Polish your persistence.

You’ve decided on the target of your obsession, determined to let your emotions have free reign, and are now realizing the way you speak to yourself makes all the difference. You are, in fact, taking control over your life like never before. To solidify and keep your positive obsession in play, you must also constantly do your positive addiction. The most straightforward way to polish your persistence is to . . . PLAY! Plato said, you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. Start discovering yourself by allowing yourself to say and play and do anything that your heart desires so long as what you say, play, and do serves your obsession well and does no harm.
Put these four secrets to work for you and you will eventually reach a point where your positive obsessing becomes second nature. When that happens, your dreams will begin to manifest about as fast as they pop into your mind!

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