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Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry.

                                                                                           – Muriel Rukeyser

How would your life be different if every moment you were aware of the fusion – the interconnectedness – of all things, people, and events? Would you treat others with more respect? Would you be a little less exacting on yourself? Perhaps you would finally celebrate all that happens as a gift!

Now imagine that you can bring that same awareness to your daily work. A sweet place to be, right?

In today’s business world, many find themselves chained to a job that seems to be results-driven rather than values-driven. However, every pioneering business owner, while certainly appreciating consistent and systematic results, is really looking for ways to continue to innovate in order to compete and triumph and have fun in the marketplace. I imagine that every affluent person you know wants the same thing – to take pleasure in their work and be rewarded for the ingenuity, artistry, and helping hand they bring to their business relationships. And, if you work for such a person, you can learn to nourish that vision. If you are that business owner, you can use the tools discussed in this article to take your dream to the next level.


A practical mystic is able to find significance in what others deem unfathomable. You do that by – among other ways of translation – word paintings; rendering your humanity and converting your involvement with mankind into thoughtful feelings, glorious colors, emotional caresses, and unraveled impressions that can be expressed, not simply internalized. This conversion of the outside world into visual indentations on your inner world provides a bridge – a connection – that permits you to appreciate life in a way that most others cannot understand. It is your assignment today to take what is found along that bond with life and decode it for the benefit of others. In other words, you are charged with making the unreachable attainable.

It is unfortunate that Oxford Dictionary calls mysticism: a dreamy confusion of thought. While there may be some dreamlike qualities to experiencing and translating life in this way, I do not want you either baffled or bewildered. Make no mistake, this article is about finding a new way for you to see things so that you start living a life of vigilant certainty in order to be a spectacular success!

Now, seeking out mystical adventures at work may, to the average mind, seem inappropriate or unseemly. Take a moment and forget that reaction. Instead, imagine taking your job – it does not matter how high or low you might be in the company – and suddenly start seeing it in a new light that is good for you and good for business. And, you don’t only see it in a different and empowering way, your enthusiasm and renewed interest in what you do is seen, respected, and sought after by others.

The reason mystics are  . . . well, mystics . . . is that they don’t see things the way others do. From now on, start asking yourself: How can I find and show importance in all that I do? And I mean in all that you do. Another way to start looking at this goes along these lines . . . if it’s not important enough for you to care about, why should anyone else care about it? All that you do is significant, so start treating your work with more high regard and respect and others will respond accordingly.


A practical mystic learns to ask internal questions constantly; questions designed to find the spirit of a situation, thing, or person. Start with these:

What sounds overwhelmingly move you?

What smells dependably transport you to your heart or miserly summon you to the center of your soul?

What type of touch causes you to come up short in a spell of passion so intoxicating that you forget all else?

What is the color that understands your need for need for shelter and affords you that refuge?

As you begin to understand how sounds, smells, feelings, and color relay messages to you all the time, you will also start to develop the ability to use those meanings to serve you well throughout the day. Let’s face it, often times we forget the essence of what we are doing at work. This forgetfulness is what leads us to being bitter, pessimistic, and reactive  rather than welcoming, confident, and proactive.

Once you become intimate and comfortable with the content of messages that flow through you, add these two additional questions to your arsenal of learning:

If the work you need to complete could talk back to you, what would it say?

If you could talk to your work as a friend, what would you say to it?

Continue to ask these questions (in addition to those of your own making) so that you begin to fuse and harmonize with all of the things, people, and events around you. The world really is speaking to you all the time. When you realize that everything is your creation and that you are one with that creativity, you begin to find joy in all that you do. That joy, in turn, brings you success!


The final key to being a practical mystic at work is to adapt your answers to the questions we just explored into words that inspire and move others. Trust that your impressions and revelations came to you with an absolute clearness of mind (as Alfred Lord Tennyson would say) and that such unveiling to you requires you to be someone of bold action. Trusting that you have been given unmistakable and powerful information, start developing those details into user-friendly words. Do not make concessions with your inner vision so that your outer voice is censored by someone else’s vision. You know what is correct. Learn to listen to yourself and take massive action in the direction of what you have been told.

When you learn to convey – elegantly, powerfully, and positively – what you have experienced on the inside to the outside world, you are on the path to personal mastery and career success.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Magically™ | Make Your Work Successful – Think Like a Practical Mystic

  1. Excellent Article looking forward to more. I like the part about “Living Vigilant Certainty. I would like to put some of your writing on my web site of course I will put your name and link on it.. any objections

    • David – I’m honored that you are finding value in my articles. Feel free to quote portions of them. Naturally, I appreciate any links back that are appropriate. All my best. – Scott

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