Thinking Magically™ | Who Else Wants To Create Miracles For Others? (Part 1)

Here is everything which can lay hold of the eye, ear and imagination – everything which can charm and bewitch . . .

                                                                                      – John Adams

When you convey magical advice to others, give an extraordinary reading to a querent and share a sensational, intuitive moment, or simply demonstrate to someone how to be captivating and phenomenal, you must first transform them with wonder. That’s what we do. We bring pleasure, interest, and enjoyment to other people in order to help them redefine, reshape, and believe anew in their world. I am convinced we do that best when we create a potent story worth telling . . . and when we tell a story worth hearing . . .  and when the people we are working with believe they hear a story worth . . . well . . . believing.

To begin, let’s do a fun mind experiment.

Imagine having someone sit down in front of you. You ask them to close their eyes. Then, you ask them to recount the most exciting film they’ve ever seen.

What happens next is the spectacular power of the imagination! That power is the most important part of someone’s wisdom and awareness and expectation. In fact, I think you must agree that the strength of what we do as magic-makers is equal to the strength of our ability to harness – if not capture – someone else’s imagination. And, the strength of your ability to capture someone’s imagination is equal to the strength of your ability to guide someone’s internal imagery, their sensations, and their beliefs. In other words, the enchanter with the best story wins!

The good news about all this is that there are incredible secrets that can be learned; formulas to nearly guarantee a powerfully meaningful and authentic journey for the people with whom you choose to share your time and energy.  Here are a few of the ones I have fortunately discovered . . .


SECRET ONE: YOUR REAL RESPONSIBILITY IS TO CREATE AN EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE FOR OTHERS. You do this by first finding out what they want. Then, you find a way to take your talents and enhance the their fantasies. Simply put, you want the people you are interacting with to imagine what it would be like if they had your flair and potential.  In other words, the people around you should be continually asking how their lives would be different if magic was real.

SECRET TWO: WHAT YOU SAY AFFECTS HOW AN SOMEONE ELSE “GETS” YOU.  The people you are sharing with need to hear you say words that are congruent – in harmony – with the personality you portray. With the right, elegant words, you lead people into naturally accepting that you have a power they can believe in or can provide them with an answer they are seeking. This requires you to know who is hearing your story, of course, and to make your words work for them – not just for you! Make it incredibly easy for people to understand you and they will keep asking for more. More importantly, start by asking yourself what public image you are portraying by the way you dress, the way you speak, and the way you act.

SECRET THREE: THE STORY IN SOMEONE’S MIND MUST MATCH WITH THE REALITY YOU ARE PRESENTING. Ask yourself: Why someone would believe that what you are telling them about or showing them is real in the first place? All too often I run into so-called magicians/intuitives/readers/[fill in the blank of your favorite experts] who have latched onto the latest craze or the newest idea from someone else and want to show everyone what they can do. Remember, great magic isn’t about what you can do, it is about what your audience is doing while watching or listening to you.

These first three secrets are an essential part of your magical toolbox. Take this coming week and truly appreciate how embedding these notions into your reserve of skills will take you to the next level of being marvelous. Next week, we will explore some more of the secrets that will allow you to bring wonder into other people’s lives.


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© 2012 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

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