Thinking Magically™ | How To Create Wonder By Becoming A Magical Sommelier

Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.
                                                          – Ernest Hemingway

Many of the magical lessons we have explored together are naturally concerned with how you understand your own sensations, tenderness, love, and ambitions. After all, anyone can easily claim to be magical. Only the truly successful ones carefully select the tools that will manifest the wildest dreams. Today, we will be exploring one of those exceptional tools that oftentimes is overlooked; bringing about miracles for others!

Thinking magically is not just about self-examination and egocentric skills; it is also about how you conjure wonder, excitement, and mystery for everyone around you! Your job is not just to charm yourself, but to enchant and inspire others.

In fact, the life of the affluent is filled with imprinting themselves on those with whom they interact. With this in mind, it struck me that we are all, to some degree or another, acting as magical sommeliers.

A sommelier is the wine steward or cellar master at a fine restaurant. Deriving from a French word that originally meant pack animal driver, a master sommelier does not just serve wine. They are responsible for, among other things, the overall experience of their customers. An adept sommelier not only manages a guest’s expectations, they evoke an encounter that is talked about and recalled long after a meal is finished. Our wine maestro – if he is skillful – constructs a feeling about a feast that has more control over a patron’s state of mind than the establishment, the food, or the company beig kept.

To put it another way, many diners in a fine restaurant find they are dumbfounded, unconfident, or hesitant when presented with a wine list. It is the sommelier’s job to propose the right wine for someone’s liking and allowance. In that same vein, it is our duty to summon up just the right magic for the moment and create passionate co-creators wherever we might find ourselves. The world is your own personal wine cellar and you are its caretaker and champion.


Your triumph as a magical sommelier depends on both your experience in the world and being equipped with exceptional skills and tools. You can find out your level of preparedness by doing the following:

Action Exercise #1: Discover your experience. Make a list of all the remarkable moments in your life.

That’s right, compile an inventory of all the sensational, stunning, life-changing, and fantastical things that have happened to you and the people you have encountered. Once you start making this list, you will begin to experience the wonder and beauty of life all over again. Really take the time to relive the feelings you felt when each of these incredible things and people happened to you. It is a list like this that gives your life today the context it sometimes needs to carry you through the challenges we all face.

Action Exercise #2: Discover your tools. Make a list of all recurring, positive themes in your life.

What are your personal taglines; the slogans and mottos by which you life your life? By exploring these internal mantras, you will easily discover your authentic nature and the mission you have been on all these years.

Being a magical sommelier is open to everyone. But only those with hold themselves to the highest standards of serving others will ultimately flourish.


Once you discover your experience and tools for success, it’s time to take your life’s work to the next level by bringing some fascination to those around you! Little by little, start pushing yourself so that, in every situation (at least in those where it is appropriate and empowering to do so) you . . .

1.  Speak and act with authority on the areas of your mastery and practical knowledge.

2.  Treat those you have invited into your life like they truly matter, and show them respect and a warm reception.

3.  Create ahappening so unique for the people around you that the experience is remembered long after you all have parted company.

4.  Give back!

5.  Stay in continual contact with those who matter.

To help you a little further on down the road of you magical sommelier walk through life, you might also remember something I was taught a long time ago:

Everyone you meet is your student, or your teacher, or both!

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