Thinking Magically™ | Warning: You Might Become A Legend

I will be a legend.

                                             – Freddie Mercury

Fame seems to easily promise – no, assure – some magical sanctuary from the frustrations, insufficiency, and dissatisfaction of daily life (whether those annoyances, deficiencies, or unhappiness are blindingly real or blindingly imagined).

There are many people with whom I interact who tell me they want to be famous! Some say they want to be well-known for fame’s sake, alone. Others admit that they want fame to make up for some lack of confidence. There are even those who retaliate and desire fame so they can say, I’ll show them. Then there are those who share that they want the recognition so that they can reach a greater number of people all at once.

The reality is that there as many reasons and concoctions of motives for someone wanting to be celebrated as there are individuals. Whatever your reason might be, the truth is we all want to be memorable at the very least to our friends and family. I wonder if you have you given any thought, at all, to what it takes to be truly unforgettable to someone else.

Perhaps the best place to start our inquiry is by you answering these questions:

What are you doing with your life, your message, your deeds that warrants the retelling of any of them by someone else?

What are you doing with your life that leaves a potent and long-lived feeling deep down in someone else’s bones so much so that they can’t help but adore you, hold you in high esteem, or want to imitate what you do or what you say?

What is the honor that you symbolize that will live on far after you’re quiet little ascension takes place?

Do you deserve to be a legend?

In answering these questions, I believe you will start to see a pattern. Legends have the following traits:

1.  They have the independence and self-determination to choose to be legendary in the first place.

2.  They have the audacity to follow their dreams and the nerve to continue on in the face of criticism and adversity.

3.  They have resilience and flexibility to move quickly through and get stronger from adversity.

4.  They recognize there are negative things in life but focus on the positive, instead.

5.  They are intense, emotional, and decide to be consumed with what they are doing.

So, are you ready to be a legend?

Action Exercises:

Step 1. Choose freedom.

Do whatever is necessary to liberate yourself from the situations in which you feel persecuted, ill-treated, and miserable. Don’t expect others to do it for you. Deliver yourself from the rule of others in an elegant and powerful way.

Step 2. Choose dignity.

Once you have pride in yourself, others will take pleasure in you. This is not about arrogance. Rather, this is about honoring your soul, your dreams, and the majesty of  . . . you!

Step 3. Choose resilience.

There are always challenges in life. In fact, I believe we choose those challenges – on one level or another – to help us learn and grow in our spiritual awakening. This requires you to stay be adaptable and, in some ways, cooperate with the curves you are thrown, the road blocks you meet, and the heartaches you experience. Notice I said cooperate. This has nothing to do with being a victim or a casualty of Fate. Quite the contrary. This step is all about working side by side with Life’s events; knowing in your heart that everything is conspiring for your own good.

Step 4. Choose optimism.

This step is not about hope. Hope – while it certainly leads you in an optimistic direction – is a feeling. Legends don’t just feel, they act. This is about making your positive attitudes your go-to outlook on life. This is about teaching yourself to react in a constructive, empowering, and cheerful manner no matter what you encounter. Still having a challenge with this one? Then go back and read the components of Step 3!

Step 5. Choose passion.

Choosing passion is how you bring energy to all the other steps. Your enthusiasm, spirit, and desire are what power your dreams, stimulate you to action, and provoke you past barriers. A legend is consumed, fiery, and even a little – okay, a lot – impulsive. This step is not about being rash or foolhardy. Rather, being passionate is about loving what you do so much that anything that is not the subject of your focus and your intent ceases to exist for you.

So what’s your legendary blueprint again?

  • A legend
  • is free and unrestricted
  • in their dreams and ambitions,
  • and they adjust to the provocations of life,
  • knowing that the world is a grand collaborator
  • and that Life is something to be consumed – not something to be consumed by.

Now, go out and live a fabled life!

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