Thinking Magically™ | Super Powers Of Your Own Making

We love our superheroes because they refuse to give up on us. We can analyze them out of existence, kill them, ban them, mock them, and still they return, patiently reminding us of who we are and what we wish we could be.

– Grant Morrison

DISCLAIMER: Let’s get something out of the way right now. This article is not going to encourage or teach you to mightily leap from the tops of tall roofs, bravely stand in front of speeding bullets (or duck from guns when they’re thrown at you), nor is it a step-by-step guide to elegantly wearing spandex tights and concealing masks (at least if you’re inclined to do that in public).

This post is, however, all about finding your own inner, extraordinary powers, moral codes, and life themes. In other words, we’re going to talk about how to discover your underlying superhero!

Wait! Hold on! you say. I don’t have any remarkable, astonishing, or noteworthy abilities.

Well, we’re about to change that thinking . . . once and for all. You do not need x-ray vision, the ability to fly, nor a cloak of invisibility to be easily deemed a mighty superhero. What you must have is the desire to discover, invent, or regain your unique talents, and then use them.

And – here’s the real magic formula – we all have an uncommon and unsurpassed flair, ability, and genius for something.

Still doubting?

Have you ever been so immersed in an activity, or so engaged in a conversation with someone that you felt electrified?

Have you ever been so motivated that you were convinced you could single-handedly accomplish a task?

Or, how about that time you felt pure pleasure and the enchantment of absolute happiness?

And, I know there have been those instances when you’ve resolved a controversy, awkward situation, or taxing challenge at work or home.

You did and felt all these things. You! So, let’s start being honest with ourselves – you do have super-natural powers, you do have special talents, and you are capable of fabulous outcomes.

It should be obvious, by now, that declaring your personal super powers is really all about a new way for you to notice yourself. It is about paying attention to what is extraordinary about you and proclaiming that the amazing and phenomenal you is the real you! It is time – now – to create the super-life you have always dreamed about.

To spark your creativity in discovering and designing the glorious powers that will take your life to an incredible, new level, let’s explore your replies to the following questions:

1. What are the challenges that you routinely face? In these problems, setbacks, and trials, there are answers, habits, and solution formulas that you routinely turn to in order to get the resolutions you desire. 

Action Exercise: Start making a list of the success plans that you already have in place.

2.  What are the activities that capture your focus so completely that everything and everyone else seems to disappear? That which you bring sharply into focus reveals your natural talents.

Action Exercise: Start making a list of your techniques, flair, and knacks that reveal themselves when you are lost in the liveliness of the moment.

3.  At what times do you lose all nervousness, modesty, and feelings of awkwardness? In these times of supreme confidence, your trust and belief in yourself and your abilities are at their highest.

Action Exercise: Make a list of the times when your belief in yourself truly shines through.

4.  When do you feel an intimate sense of control over what you are doing and the outcome you want to achieve? When you are giving priority to your mastery – rather than worrying about your imperfections – you will speed to affluence and triumph.

Action Exercise: Make a list of the things, events, and people that help you to feel like a leader and which give you sovereignty over your surroundings.

5.  Which of your interests, when you are following and engaged in them, are fulfilling and enriching in and of themselves? This type of contentment and pleasure is a great indicator of your use of a higher-than-average ability.

Action Exercise: Make a list of all the ways you are already of service to the world.

I believe you can now see that, not only are you already a superhero, but there are other people with super powers all around you. The successful ones are the ones who choose to put those super abilities to work all the time – consistently and systematically. Prosperous people do not negotiate their dreams or haggle over their morals; they have a strength of character bolstered by super powers of their own making.

Today, go out and discover your super powers and consciously put them to work!

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  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have truly loved surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

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