Thinking Magically™ | How To Move On (with Deck of Shadows bonus)

Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

                                                              – Albert Einstein

Each of us is on a natural journey to fulfill our many desires and sidestep our  sundry torments. In the past, I have written about just getting out there and doing something – doing anything – to move in the direction of those aspirations, carvings, and passions. I have always believed that why you want to accomplish something or encounter someone is more significant than how you plan to do those things.

Still, some planning for your remarkable adventures is essential in order to bring you relaxation, peace-of-mind, and (yes, I’ll say it) self-indulgence along the way. So, today is about skillfully creating an actual blueprint or broad action-plan for your life. Today, let’s explore how you will move on (since, if you’ve read my prior articles, I know you’ve already explored why you’re taking action).

Bear in mind, this is not a how-to article with one-thing-at-a-time details that you must rigidly follow as a mandate for accomplishing one specific task. Rather, this is an exploration of the bigger concept of how things successfully come together in a way that is both willingly accessible and happily at your disposal all of the time.

Take the time to consider the following 5 items before taking your next big step forward. If you want to take your assessment to the next level, write out your thoughts, impressions, and belief as you make your way through the following.


In preparation for leaving where-you-are for where-you-want-to-be, you need to know the following:

1.  What warning signs to look for

2.  When to seek help from another person

3.  What information, knowledge, or wisdom you are looking for

4.  How much power to assert

5.  What magical elixir to take and when

Warning Signs

Always be on the lookout for signs and symbols that speak to you and which indicate some circumstances that need your focused attention, potential threats to your success, obstacles in your path forward, and some form of control that someone else is attempting to exercise over you and your dream.

Action Exercise: Take a moment and write down all the signs and signals that, if you saw them, would be an indication to you that your path might have taken a wrong turn or you have not given enough attention to what you are doing and the choices you are making. Don’t worry about getting down every bad omen that might arise. There are always surprises – good and bad – along the road. You are just making note of the major ones that immediately come to mind. If you think about them now, you can avoid them or minimize their impact in the future.

Seeking Help

If you accomplish your goal all on your own, terrific! But, don’t disregard or disbelieve in the power of advisers, guides, and gurus. It is said that Dale Carnegie, then one of the most powerful men in the world, assembled 50 advisers and guides that he could rely upon to help build his empire. If that circle-of-kindred-spirits concept is good enough for some of the most successful people in the world, it’s good enough for you and me!

Action Exercise: Go back and re-read my articles about Finding Magic:

Finding Magic (Part I)

Finding Magic (Part II)

This time, however, rather than using imaginary heroes or people you really don’t know, see if you can fill your list with go-to mentors and guides; those you can genuinely call upon in any time of need.


Can you truly have success without wisdom? Wisdom is that ability to deeply grasp and understand a situation or a person. It is also the capacity for contemplation; the expertise and cleverness to examine why things are the way they are (gee, we’ve come full circle back to that why word again).

Action Exercise: Really mull over what achieving your chosen success will mean for you. Will it make you stronger? Fairer? More intelligent? More courageous? Why will it do those things? And, most importantly, what knowledge would you like to learn along the way that will help you see through the dimness you now face?


Think about this for a moment: Do you know anyone who is wildly successful and ineffective? I didn’t think so. For you to achieve the accomplishments of your visions, you need to be potent, powerful, and compelling in your ambitions, your goals, and your actions. I want you to have a single-mindedness that gives you the staying power to see yourself through to your chosen goal. That being said, I also want you to learn to pace yourself. In 2011, the world’s oldest marathon runner (Fauja Singh) was asked about his secrets. He said, simply, you have to keep your engine going. He also added: Why worry about these small, small things? I don’t stress. You never hear of anyone dying of happiness.

Learn to apply your willpower and backbone at the right times along your path. The way you pace yourself will be a determining factor of how fast and how enjoyable achieving your triumph will be.

Action Exercise: Write down a list of the various steps along your chosen journey. For each major sub-event, determine how much of your time and energy is going to be needed, taking into account that winning minor victories is not the point if you don’t achieve your overall goal in the end. Note the times and events when you might need to slow down or those times when you should pause and re-evaluate your progress. Note the times and events when you should speed up and bring all your strength of character to bear.

The Magic Elixir

This is something that most people don’t like to discuss in public. But, let’s face it, some of the most successful people are superstitious. Whether they wear hologram-embedded rubber bracelet, dress a certain way for a big meeting, cross their fingers, or believe that a particular ritual for success is going to work, human beings like to feel good. More importantly, we love to give meaning to the things we do and the actions we take. The fact is, it doesn’t matter whether a piece of rubber, twisted fingers, or fancy clothes, by themselves, hold magic – all that is important is that we perform better when we have that comfort level. Charming yourself with a magic elixir will increase your abilities and talents while, at the same time, reduce your stress level.

Action Exercise: Think about some lucky charms, blessed rituals, or magic-inducing pieces of clothing that bring you the feelings of tranquility, mastery, and promise. Then, narrow down these items or ceremonies to one particular object or custom that you will use for your chosen goal.


For those of you who like to use The Deck of Shadows for readings, you can use The Journey Onward Spread to determine how your participant will be taking their next course of action:

Step 1:  Shuffle and cut the cards using your preferred method.

Step 2:  Select 5 cards from the deck and place them face-down in a row. Card #1 goes to your far left. Card #5 is placed to your far right. Cards #2 through #4 are placed sequentially to the left of Card #1.

Step 3: Turn Card #1 face-up and interpret it. Proceed with Card #2 only after Card #1 has been discussed. Proceed similarly with Cards #3 through #5.

Step 4: After all the cards have been turned face-up, look to see if, as a whole, they tell a further story and discuss that with your participant.

Interpretation Key for The Journey Onward Spread:

Card #1 – The warning signs that the person should be looking for; if this arises, it is an advance notice for the person to pause and reflect on their current course

Card #2 –  When to seek help from another person and what type of assistance will be given

Card # 3 –  The information, knowledge, or wisdom that will be gained along the way

Card #4 – How the person’s dominion and control over the situation will materialize during the journey

Card #5 – The type of magical aid that will come to the person during the journey

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