Thinking Magically™ | 6 Crippling Mistakes That Make You Fail

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

                                                                                            – Winston Churchill

Last week I talked about really putting yourself out there and actually doing success rather than just thinking about it. That’s an incredibly simple but powerful concept to include in your lifestyle practices.

So . . . if it’s that straightforward, you must then ask: Why isn’t everyone who is out going and doing a massive success?

Predictably, I have found that many people innocently get in the way of their own preferred outcomes. They certainly start out their doing with all the right intentions, invocations, and excitement, but then they loose their power and energy as a matter of course when there isn’t immediate fulfillment. Yes, the most critical thing to accomplishing success is to start doing. And, the second most important thing is to continue to move ahead with the most favorable and fitting mindset possible.

Most people can start a project. Many will ultimately not succeed, however, because of one or more of the following errors:

1. Failing to experience life with enthusiasm and desire.

2. Failing to put emphasis on important people and things.

3.  Failing to go around your own critical thinking.

4.  Failing to really be aware of your own experiences.

5.  Failing to have an adaptable outlook.

6.  Failing to listen to your own intuition.

Failing To Experience Life With Enthusiasm And Desire

Fortunately for you, you can begin down the road to success anywhere and at anytime. And, all you need to start moving forward is the magic ingredients of enthusiasm and desire; the alchemical potion that gets you to put one foot in front of the other and keeps the momentum going. There are always stumbling blocks and obstacles that we encounter. The secret to getting around and over them is to look at your life as a game and the challenges as puzzles to be solved. Have fun with your life. Remember: in the fullness of time, your commitment to your dream is what is going to get you to your target faster than anything else.

Failing To Put Emphasis On Important People And Things

Important is such a personal and emotionally-charged word, isn’t it? Still, you need to focus on the people and the things that empower, support, and nourish you while you are on your adventure. You world is filled with people who, given half the chance, will try to tear you down, make you smaller, and laugh at your dreams. Stop letting these people stream garbage into your head. Better yet, change the people you are around and surround yourself with those who unshackle you. If there is a muddle of things around you that distract your attention, it’s time to re-order and trim the fat, don’t you think? While it is true that you teach other people how to treat you, it is also true that you can teach yourself how to treat you. Remember: make certain that the people and the things in your life are completing you.

Failing To Go Around Your Own Critical Thinking

Your critical thinking is what allows you to easily decide what is real for you and what is false. It is how you discern, detect, and distinguish who and what you allow into your life and your dreams. It is also what permits you to determine how you act. There are times, however, when you allow your critical thinking to make you disapproving and negative. While your critical thinking is essential for success, there is something more important; namely, not confusing your pessimism and fear for belief and action. Remember: always engage your imagination beyond what your eyes and brain tell you, ponder the unusual and revolutionary points of view, fuse how you currently believe with experimental (and empowering) attitudes, and always keep your visions as your truth.

Failing To Really Be Aware Of Your Own Experiences

Most people are much more adept at living life and accomplishing their dreams than they give themselves credit for. Take a moment and think about all the wisdom you have actually gained over the short time you have been on Earth. Consider all the emotions you have felt, the thoughts you have given birth to, the sensations you have felt, and the mysteries you have explored. While we are always continuing to grow and learn, don’t disregard the common sense and knowledge that lives within you right now! More importantly, realize that your experiences are the bedrock of your beliefs. As such, regard them well. And remember: one of the best ways to keep you true to yourself is to let your experiences guide you into the future.

Failing To Have An Adaptable Outlook

I dare you – for one day – to move out of your comfort zone. Take a whole day and be easygoing. Or, if you’re already easy-going, I dare you – for one day – to be uncompromising. Better still, I dare you – for the rest of your life – to treat your perspective of people and things and events as something that can be easily modified to suit what you want to accomplish. A shocking suggestion? It shouldn’t be. This is just a way of being and staying at the top of your game by constantly living a versatile life. Remember the old African saying: The wind does not break a tree that bends.

Failing To Listen To Your Own Intuition

Every successful person has listened vigilantly to their intuition – their gut – as they traveled to their triumph. Those who are successful have a way of tapping into and instantly trusting their instincts, notions, and premonitions. When you are around them, they just seem to know things that others don’t. You can easily do the same thing by tuning into your intuition and acting on those feelings in your bones. Remember: the more you follow your intuition and act on those inklings, the quicker you will enjoy the success you deserve.

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