Thinking Magically™ | Can’t Find Success? It’s Not About Positive Thinking, It’s About Positive Doing

Action is the foundational key to all success.

                                                              – Pablo Picasso

There are four essential powers of the successful magician – the person who steers through life with mastery and affluence:

Being competent

Being desirous

Being adventurous

Being effective

But being any of these things, alone, is not enough to get results. All four of these supreme convictions must combine together as a catalyst to literally transform you. You must be taken from what you are capable of having into what you are actually achieving. It is almost an alchemical liberation from what you believe is possible into a deep knowing that you are manifesting consistently.

Start Doing And You Will Start Getting

Let’s be honest with each other: there is some feeling of security in taking a vision and paying a mental visit to it every now and then until it just feels right to move forward. Unfortunately, with this type of personal routine you are doomed to failure; wasting time and ultimately losing the outcomes you desire. Many people I interact with are so stuck in their own heads and thoughts that they are looking for something or someone outside of themselves to tip the scales enough that a decision can (or must) be made. It is only when their favorite shelter of not making a decision is disrupted that deeds are finally done.

Don’t get me wrong – I am a proponent of creating and following formulas for your personal success. They easily provide you with a checklist and road map for prosperity. But, I believe it more significant if you will take mighty action and thereby participate in your own success. After all, a road map is of no consequence at all if you don’t actually go on the adventure. So . . . stop thinking so much and start doing so much!

That’s right. Pick a goal and simply start doing things in furtherance of that ambition. Be bold. Start taking action as if your objective was already a reality.  If you continue to wait to follow your dreams, you will continually fail to reach them. Instead, take an adventurous approach to your life and create a masterpiece of your life through your exploits!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Now, I’ve just said that it is critical that you start taking immediate action so that you can start achieving immediate success. The concept, however, is that you start doing things that will move you closer to your goals – not to simply do things for the sake of doing things. Real world alchemists, like you, constantly experiment and test to determine the precise mix of theory and practice in order to obtain stable and predictable reactions to their actions.

You want to invest your deeds wisely. This means you will have to become divinely selfish in how you spend your time, your money, your energy, and your emotions on the actions you take. This also involves having to stamp out those past, nasty habits and the idleness that has kept you from achieving successful results for so long.

So, start doing things that are congruent with your desires. And start doing them as fast as your legs will carry you and your arms can bear the load. But, decide quicklydo or do not (as Yoda would say). Time is getting away from you and your success!

The Past Does Not Matter Except To Make You Wiser

I don’t care whether you have been a superstar or a massive underachiever in the past. Put it all behind you – because that’s where it is. In fact, your past successes and failures are practically meaningless except to serve as lessons for you in how to achieve even greater outcomes.

Using your past history of prosperity and disappointments, you have a terrific storehouse of knowledge and experience that will let you make better decisions; choices as to how you spend your time and energy, and the actions that you take.

Action Exercises

Here are two suggestions for you to put into immediate use.

First, start experimenting more with actual acts and exploits. Make a list of all the crazy and innovative (and more reasonable, too) ways you could move forward to accomplish your goals. Then start doing some or all of them! Remember, this isn’t about a brooding contemplation or a cost-benefit analysis. This is about doing  . . . and doing NOW!

Second, take some time and write down what has worked and not worked for you in the past. If you haven’t actually done anything or taken action, then write down that inaction, as well. Then, examine the items you have outlined and figure out what habits, actions, customs, and practices need to be thrown out and which need to be enhanced. Be ruthless with the bad habits you eradicate from your life and watch how the world starts bending to your desires.

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