Thinking Magically™ | Stop Wasting Your Time . . . Get a Role Model, Now!

Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime; and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

How much time do you spend trying to figure out the person you want to be? And . . . how much time do you then spend changing your mind when there’s the slightest bit of internal or external pushback to your wants?

Here’s a powerful secret you can take to the bank: You can be anyone you want to be! That’s right . . . you can be anyone you want to be if you just destroy your limiting beliefs and start participating in your own successs. And the way to do this is straightforward. If you start studying the truly affluent and successful people that you know, you find that those who are living the life of their dreams actually spent a great deal of time deciding who they wanted to be. And those who were able to figure out who they wanted to be, first knew what they wanted to achieve. The real question, then, is are you willing to work hard enough to be the hero in your own life?

Oh, wait . . . you don’t want to work that hard and take too much time becoming your new you? I have terrific news for you. Being who you want to be is as painless as choosing some role models to follow.

Role Models Make Their Own World (And Yours) Go Round

Role models come in a wide variety and symbolize every aspect of your life. From your perspective, role models are the people – living or dead (or even fictional, by the way) – who overcome obstacles and trounce their rivals, inspire action and stimulate others, and deserve respect and triumph. In other words, your role models are the ones who provide you with a framework to be who you want to be and to make a difference in the world around you.

Role models – those whom you look up to and want to be like – know how to move freely within their own world of events and people. They are not content to simply react to places, people, and events. No, they take action to make their world what they want it to be. They don’t take no for an answer. And, most importantly, your role models have obviously moved your world in a meaningful way or they wouldn’t be a role model, would they?

Having Role Models Will Save You Time And Money

Here’s another irresistible secret: Having a role model will take years off your experience curve, and provide you with some immediate and profound changes.

When you have someone to model, you can stop wasting time rediscovering the success secrets someone else is already brandishing with great success. You simply learn from your role model’s prosperity and accomplishments and put those same actions, beliefs, and traits to work for you!

For each of your role models, start by deciding on the key characteristics, mannerisms, and habits you want to imitate and which will serve you well once learned. Then start exploring these questions:

1. What are the benchmarks or morals to which they hold themselves?

2. What are their goals and biases in maneuvering through life?

3. How have they dealt with defeat or the threat of lack of success both publicly and privately?

4.  What is their definition of success? What is their definition of failure?

5. When they speak, what are they trying to teach others? When they act, what are they really trying to say?

6. How do they manage their time?

7. Who have been their heroes and role models, and what lessons have they learned from them?

8.  How would your life be different if acted, thought, and felt like them?

Once you feel like you truly know your role models – inside and out – then completely start acting like them (using a particular role model for the appropriate setting in which you find yourself).

Your Highest Ambition Is To Become A Role Model For Others

Those who achieve greatness inevitably become a role model for others. You become someone in whom others can believe. Their trust is given to you. The responsibility is colossal. Yet, it is a role that you cannot help but play as it is part of being a master of one’s dreams.

Pledge yourself, then, to do all you can to inspire people to be more than they believe themselves to be. Undertake to make the world a better place by first making yourself a better person. And always remember that we are all connected to each other. This means you need to start acting as though everything you do and say is being sent (and judged) in the twinkling of an eye (or the push of a button) around the world – because it is!

Start learning from your role models and putting their customs and practices to work for you and watch both your successes and influence grow. Then, continue to seek out new role models for yourself or learn more from your original heroes so that you continue to become more than you ever imagined.

Finally, you have chosen your role models to serve as an example of how to live a better and more fulfilling life. Now, it’s your turn to do the same for others. You can do no more and we all deserve no less of you.

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