Thinking Magically™ | The Truth About Being Content

Discontent is the first necessity of progress.

– Thomas A. Edison

I am often asked a very interesting question:

Are you content?

And my answer is always the same:

I’m content with my discontent.

Then people want to know why I’m not happy. And, I’m thrilled when they jump to this conclusion and make the mistake, because it allows me to explain that I’m incredibly happy – I’m just not satisfied to keep most things as they are.

Yes, I confess, I’m one of those – I want more!

You’re about to discover that the tangible key and tough reality to success that most overachievers, creators, and magicians already instinctively know and use to a powerful and incredible advantage is: The concepts of being happy and being fulfilled (while having a connection with each other) are not the same! Those who choose to manifest their victories on an imposing scale simply don’t confuse the two. Ever.

Just because your overall view of your life is undoubtedly positive, that does not mean you can’t also have the quenchless desire to achieve, obtain, realize, love, and experience . . . more.

So, let me open the book and show you how to embrace your own glorious discontent so that you can soar to new heights.

Being Complacent Will Not Move Mountains

If you want to make a change in your world, for whatever reason, then you have to be willing to alter what is. I’m not asking you to have all the answers about how this change will take place (sometimes your why is more important than your how, anyway). I just want you to start by embracing the fact that something needs to change – even in just a small way – for your life to change in a big way.

Being complacent, of course, arises from self-satisfaction. And, long-term self-satisfaction is a death knell for your growth, your creativity, and the ultimate appearance of your dreams and desires. Let me offer another way to look at the incongruence of contentment: if you think of yourself as content, then you think of yourself as having reached the fulness of your capacity. I happen to believe that we are always able to accomplish more than we would have first imagined possible.

Do you want to move mountains in your life? Start taking responsibility for your discontent. In fact, readily embrace that discontent and you will soar.

Your Desires are Immutable

Many people believe that their desires change over time. But, they don’t change. Our desires simply shift back and forth like the tide coming in and out. It’s a dance of sorts. Sometimes, one desire is stronger than another. In any particular situation, one desire may be appropriate until we find ourselves in a different scenario, and then another desire rises to the top. These constantly shifting wants, needs, wishes, and hoping we experience on a daily basis are, in fact, road signs that should prove to you that you are really not content. Your desires are a potent, alchemical stew that you can mix and shake and cook and cool down as the need arises. Still, the ingredients (or effects) of your dreams are all there constantly within you.

People’s biggest problem is that they think of their desires as fickle, unrealistic, and easily changeable. If you continue to think this way, you can easily lapse into a rationalizing state of mind that keeps the unrelenting chatter going that sounds something like this: I’ve done enough. When you get to that point, you might be more successful than when you started, but we both know you still want more.

If you want to begin being incredibly successful and materialize your dreams, then start using the technique of the most massively triumphant people: talk about your desires so that you are forced to act on them!

My Formula For Contenment

Step One. Understand that short-term contentment can fuel your desires, but long-term contentment can fuel your defeat. I am not asking you to throw your contentment away. I just want you to know that your purpose for living in this world is not over until you’re dead. Until that time, you are not full to your capacity. You must never be satisfied to the point where you stop growing, learning, and expanding. You must, however, acknowledge and enjoy your triumphs. Go ahead, bathe your desires in the victories that come your way so that they continue to flourish. Then, boldly start asking yourself, what’s next?

Step Two. Get to know your desires like they are a spectacular lover. I mean really know them. Write them down and start asking yourself, If this desire came true, how would my life be different for the better?Then, take time each day to visualize what your life would be like if you were already living the dream.

Step Three. Don’t worry so much about the how. It’s the why that will keep you embraced by your dreams. The third step of achieving success is to be absolutely certain why you want a particular person, event, or item to manifest in your life. Without a sufficient why, your victories and successes become nothing more than a collection of things. Stop hoarding the irrelevant, and start amassing an amazing assembly of articulate reasons; the motives that will ultimately serve you well in all settings and bring you the happiness you want.

Step Four. Take some very large steps in the direction of your dreams. By forcing yourself to move in the direction of your dreams, you cannot help but step away from contentment. You get out of your rut. You get out of your house. You get out of what is and on to what will be. And . . . once you arrive at your dream, take a moment to bask in the glow of that success . . . and then move on to the next one!

Step Five. Ironically, be content with this formula. Successful people have habits that bring them to that success. Their routines are well-chosen and well-kept. Treat your formula for triumph with the same care and consideration as though you’ve discovered the secret of turning lead into gold.

So, how much happiness can you stand? Start finding out by being willing to be discontent with the way things are. The amazing thing is that you will begin to notice how much more satisfied you instantly become with your life.

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