Thinking Magically™ | Can You Really Trust Your Passion?

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

                                                                                                                                                                    – Nelson Mandela

I often hear people tell me that they are intense about this-and-that. They proclaim early, easily, and often that they are enthusiastic, high spirited, and even addicted to one desire or another. Still, Abundance and Mastery just don’t seem to find them. We all know people like this, don’t we? They talk a good passion game but fail to produce any real, practical results.

I wonder if some people’s passion is actually getting in the way of their success! There are some who are simply so animated and ardent, that their so-called passion not only fails to deliver the desired message, but it actually disappoints in the ability to inspire others, and in fact turns people off.

And, of course, there are those who confidently declare that they haven’t found their passion . . . yet. They are in a constant and hopeful rummaging-around-of-their-lives to find something.

Were the Stoics really right? Is your concept of passion (or the search for it) truly preventing you from listening to reason and finding the success you (passionately) crave?

Perhaps your view of passion is unfitting for what you truly want and need to achieve. For me, passion is not just enthusiasm for no apparent reason. Passion is a combination of your love, desire, and spirit/energy. Passion is what you present to the world and people around you.

In other words, passion is how you manifest your determination, attraction, and wishing. Everyone has passion! And I have no doubt you can manifest your personal passion with elegance and spectacular abundance, so . . .

. . . let’s start with two fundamental questions:

What kind of passion do you display?

Does your passion serve you well?

Types of Passion

There are really two kinds of people with passion – those who have a sincere craft, a laser-like calling, a heartfelt career, and those who are intense and spirited about everything. The first group displays a focused, profound love of their work. The latter group has a zeal – not for one thing – but for the whole shebang that we call Life. The first group has a particular passion. The second group has a sweeping passion.

Here’s the secret: One type of passion is not better than the other.

Here’s the other secret: Either type of passion can make you massively successful if you also take action.

To put it another way – Passion, without action, is nothing but unfulfilled hope.

There Are No Limits to What Your Passion Can Accomplish

Whether your passion is born from your experience of life or propels your emotions, you can accomplish anything you wish for if your love of what you want unseats any uncertainty or hesitation that creeps in along the way. The one thing you can truly trust your passion to achieve is to dominate over your doubts.

Only a select few understand that passion is an incredibly forceful tool! When appreciated in this manner – that your passion is something you wield with skill and vigor – passion becomes both a conviction and a protection that propels you towards victory. As an implement of your affluence, passion is what will keep you recognizing your happiness, excite others so they want to pay you for your time and talent, and it will consistently fulfill you.

You can always tell if your passion is serving you well by analyzing whether you are roused to do something about your dreams. Are you passionate enough about your desires to go out and make them come true? If your passion is strong enough to move you down the road in the direction you want to go, your passion is serving you well. If you discover, instead, that you are satisfied to simply live your dreams in your head or let that inner fire be something you continually yearn for, that’s likely an indication that you should not trust your passion to bring your success.

Be Willing to Change Your Passion Strategy

If you want to live life to its fullest, you must pledge yourself to display and demonstrate your passion in the most productive, creative, and energetic way possible. One of the primary reasons for people not achieving their life goals – for not living their passion – is that they fail to actively participate in their own success. You should continually remind yourself that your passion is the fuel that will get you to where you want to be. It is not the destination, itself.

A major obstacle for you in putting the most effective passion strategy into play is, of course, your self-importance (taking your own ideas and feelings to seriously). We all love our own thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires. However, just because you feel a certain passion does not mean you are stuck with that feeling. I know, you believe that your passion is an indicator of what you should be doing or the people you should be around. But, step back from that feeling for a moment and really ask yourself if that makes sense for what you ultimately want to achieve.

I want you to become incredibly proactive with your passions. I want you to learn to stylishly and intensely move your passion from one project to another, or from one person to another as you choose might be needed for the situation. And I want you to be able to do all this with the grace and power of a professional athlete, and the laser-like cutting skills of a world-class surgeon. You see, the reality is . . . you don’t stop being passionate because a project changes or a person leaves. You are always able to be passionate about something or someone else. Once you start mastering the art of engaging your passion as you deem convenient and befitting the situation or person, you will see your success and affluence soar. Refuse to let your passion handle you and start managing your passion for an even more enriching and actualizing future.

Action Plans

1. Start committing yourself to actions that are consistent with your passion. A lot of your time and energy (not to mention money) is squandered by doing something or being with people you don’t enjoy or which do not bring you pleasure. This is not to say that you must be happy in every situation or with every person. But, you need to take yourself to the next level by regularly moving yourself in the direction your energy will best serve you. To do otherwise, you are just reducing your overall effectiveness.

2.  Understand what makes your passion potent. Take the time to reunite your passionate feelings with your life goals. Far too many people have allowed their passions to remain separate from their surroundings and the people with whom they interact. When you take the time to focus your attention and intention on evaluating your behavior in comparison with your passion you will break free of some very limiting, self-imposed chains.

3.  Think about what lies ahead. You will begin to trust your passion when it starts leading you to the future of your dreams. Your passion will start leading you in that direction when you take the time to plan and concoct precisely how you want to feel in the future, not simply strategize for an event or person to happen. Really bring your imagination into play and conjure up those intended feelings. Who knows, you might find that your passion will start conspiring for your own good!

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