Thinking Magically™ | If You’re Going to Defy Gravity, Make Sure You Have Impressive Wings

“‘Ev’ryone deserves the chance to fly!’ / And if I’m flying solo / At least I’m flying free / To those who’d ground me / Take a message back from me / Tell them how / I am Defying gravity”

– From the musical, Wicked

I’ve been spending a lot of time on jet planes lately. And when you travel that much, you can’t help but continually marvel at how mankind has managed to defy gravity (at least for prolonged periods of time). You also begin to notice how air travel is much like the way you and I spend our lives as magical overachievers. You see, I love to think of myself as a rocket; a laser guided missile that is aggressively and intentionally moving towards an awesome outcome. But, I also recognize that we can become so focused and outcome-oriented that it is easy to lose sight of everything except the success you think you want (at the time).

And this target fixation mindset can be deadly! It can kill your motivation. It can destroy your relationships. It can actually shoot down your dreams, themselves. Only the truly effective pilot can consistently and powerfully fly free of the ground. While rockets reach the target faster, they are actually less energy efficient in the long-term and they don’t usually land with elegance.

So let’s choose how we defy gravity carefully!

Rockets Fly Because They Are Propelled.

Let’s start with a comparison. Rockets and jet planes both fly and they both burn fuel to lift off the ground.

The distinctions, however, are much more important for our purpose – that of choosing the right way to stay aloft on the way to your destination. For example, rockets have a self-contained energy supply and that energy supply does not rely on the world (atmosphere) around them. Rockets do not need wings to lift them from the ground. And, in the end, rockets, by virtue of the way they expend their energy, actually start to work against themselves.

If you want to lift and impel yourself forward – like a rocket – you will need, at the very least, to use all of your energy to move forward in the direction you want to go. And, in many cases, much of your energy will be used in just breaking free of your current situation. Further, many times, you will be operating in your own vacuum – neither reacting nor relying upon the world and the people around you. When you act like a rocket, your strong intent, alone, is what propels you forward. The important thing to recognize is that, while acting like a rocket is a generally more powerful state to be in, in the long run it is also very inefficient.

Acting like a rocket all the time is one of the best ways to waste your life. That’s right, I said it. Life is not always about getting to your goal as fast and as powerfully, as possible! One of the best ways to truly enjoy yourself and feel true satisfaction is to choose the the right means (and path) of travel for the right mission at the right time. This ability to select whether you are a rocket or a plane depending on your needs is what will make you a high-level performer and give you the widest range of opportunities. In fact, I’ll go so far as to let you know that, being able to switch from rocket to plane mode, is what will bring you the greatest happiness.

So . . . it’s time to choose how you fly carefully.

Planes Fly Because They Have Wings

A jet plane works like this: it uses the oxygen in front of it to mix with its own fuel. This mixture of internal fuel and air around it is what propels the jet plane forward. In other words, the plane breathes in order to do its job.

Most importantly, the jet plane elegantly and efficiently rises into the air and forward along its flight path because uplift – additional efficiency that is gained from the jet plane’s wings!

It should not be any surprise to you that planes are generally much more maneuverable than rockets. And, should a dog fight occur (those little life conflicts and obstacles that ironically come our way from time to time), you would rather be a plane than a missile. Having a plane mindset and using your wings allows you to remain dynamic, constantly flexible, open to new paths, and full of aspiration.

How to Defy Gravity

Would you like to fly? Would you like to soar to realizing your dreams? Start to perceive yourself much in the same way Sir Isaac Newton described one of his famous physics concepts. Understand this simple but potent principle: while you are in motion, you will tend to continue in motion; if you are at rest, you will tend to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. If you want to take wing in the direction of your dreams, change your momentum, speed up your life, take charge of your flight path, and exert some pressure upon yourself.

Most importantly, take some of these action steps:

1. Assess the wings you have available. Make a written list of the tools and people and concepts you have available to you that will keep you aloft during your flight. If you come across something or someone that is not going to support you, you might consider a more empowering and sustaining replacement.

2. Change your flight path when necessary. The trajectory of a rocket is usually single-minded. However, many times your life trajectory is not so simple. Be prepared to adjust your course to go around, fly above, or wing through barriers, complications, and disadvantages.

3.  Choose to enjoy the flight. This all starts with understanding that you have chosen the flight path are on and the wings you are using. This is a pilot’s mindset – don’t let anything distract you from your destination and take pleasure in the journey.

You have all the power you need to act like a rocket or soar like a plane. Your own motivation and desire are the thrust to lift you off the ground. While it may seem that getting there like a rocket is the more desirable outcome, it just may be that acting like an jet plane will ultimately bring you the most enjoyment and make you a winner. All you need are the right wings!

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