The Vitruvian Square | The Labyrinth (Part 2)

For my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me.

– Jim Henson’s Labyrinth

Last week, we started a wondrous odyssey into another powerful feature of The Vitruvian Square – something I call The Vitruvian Labyrinth. If you missed the first part, make sure you read the following before going further:

The Labyrinth (Part 1)

Let’s venture on, shall we . . .

Vitruvian Square Overlay for Vitruvian Labyrinth


10 Life Paths

The 10 paths (9 concentric tracks and the center circle) that make up The Vitruvian Labyrinth represent the inevitable spiritual/mental/psychological journey from life to death and then rebirth; the dynamics that arise from a mixing of both the spiritual and living worlds.

The 10 Paths of The Vitruvian Labyrinth

These 10 passageways are also reflections of the 10 Sephirot of Nothingness that  make up the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. These paths, then, are to be viewed as the 10 different ways that Life manifests itself to you. (You will recall that there are also the 22 hairpin curves/switchbacks that relate to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and, in turn, to the 22 connectors of The Tree of Life.) When you combine the 10 paths with the 22 hairpin turns you have the 32 Paths of Wisdom or acts of creation.

The number 10 stands for harmony, and of the creator entering their creation. It embodies the concept of something being made out of chaos. And it has been called the full course of life. Here then you have the 10 stages of your becoming.

9 Mystical Spheres

The center of The Virtuvian Labyrinth is composed of 9 mystical spheres or stations (8 external and the 1 around which the 8 others revolve); these 9 also representing the 9 Places of Power of The Vitruvian Square. In fact, if you look at the center of the labyrinth, you will see the 9 spheres are actually arranged in a 3×3 grid and so the attributes of The Vitruvian Square’s Place of Power are easily applied.

The 9 Spheres of The Vitruvian Labyrinth

The number 9 is not only the symbol of inspiration, it is a representation of your humanness, itself. After all, the average pregnancy is 9 months. When you reach the center of The Vitruvian Labyrinth, you have reached the place of peace where you are born again.

8 Labryses

There are 8 double-headed axes (Labryses) within The Vitruvian Labyrinth:

The 8 Labryses of The Vitruvian Labyrinth

These symbols can be interpreted as both male and female energies; depending on what you are seeking to find within the labyrinth. As symbol of male energy, the double-headed axe it can be the equivalent of a thunderbolt; a very sudden and very effective transfer of energy from the sky to the ground. As a symbol of female energy, the double-headed axe is one of ceremony and rebirth.

The number 8 is all about resolution, strong-mindedness, and willpower; an ideal number to represent the Labryses.

7 Fleurs-di-lis

The center of The Vitruvian Labyrinth, on first glance, looks like a circle of thorns; the thorn being a symbol of both obstacles and protection.On closer inspection of the center of the labyrinth, you will see that the center design is actually made up of 7 fleurs-di-lis; a symbol of The Ideal, life, and light.

The 7 Fleurs-di-lis of The Vitruvian Labyrinth

The number 7, of course, has a magical and spiritual significance – standing for completion, perfection, and the heavens manifested on earth. The 7 fleurs-di-lis are a mystery when not understood by the initiated.

First to the Left

When traveling into The Vitruvian Labyrinth, you find yourself entering the network of paths just left of center. You then travel all of the inner circuits on the left before completing the inner circuits on the right. From there you are taken to the left outer circuits before being taken to the right outer circuits.

When you are traveling left of center, you are going against the grain, being a rebel, and you are a freethinker. You are innovative and certainly not content with things the way they are.


Before next week, if you would like to learn more, information about The Vitruvian Square can be found here:

The Vitruvian Square book

The Vitruvian Square Casting Cloth

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