The Deck of Shadows | The Lost and Found Spread

I once was lost, but now am found. – Amazing Grace

Today I’m going to entrust to you a very special spread of mine – The Lost and Found Spread; something that is part of a much larger and arrant reading system. This method was purpose-built for use with The Deck of Shadows. What you are about to master is the basic handling. There are many, many layers to this one! Perhaps I will show you more of them in some later writings if there’s interest. Of course, like my other spreads, this will also certainly work with any other oracle system you might want to use.


The Lost and Found Spread magically emerged from the core belief that you can manifest anything in your life with sufficient faith, sufficient dreams, sufficient desire, and a sufficient connection with life. Any suffering you experience is fundamentally caused by a forgetting of your intensity of at least one of those elements.

You only have to know these four essential components:

Faith – This is what you are convinced by, think of as true, and puzzle over. It is your complete belief and self-confidence in yourself, someone, or something. This is your courage, your bravery, and your optimism. When you lose faith, you no longer trust in yourself or others, and your hopefulness turns to hopelessness. KEYWORDS INCLUDE: faith, trust, believe, confidence, think, determine, judge, consider

Dreams – This is what burns inside you, lights you up, and sets your aspirations on fire. It is your ambition, your sense of purpose, and your fantasies. This is what you refuse to live without because it inspires you and helps you to plan for action in the real world. When you lose dreams, you become discouraged, demoralized, and you are prevented from experimenting with new ideas and plans. KEYWORDS INCLUDE: dream, expect, imagine, pretend, assume, presume, consume, roused

Desire – This is your gut feelings, your instincts, and your heartstrings. It is your passion, your love, and your impulses. This is what you want and wish for, and where you admit what you are attracted to. Lose desire, and you lose your wishes for people, things, and events; your want for more in life vanishes. KEYWORDS INCLUDE: desire, passion, love, wish, hope, want, lust, urge

Touch – This is when you grasp something, seize the day, and connect with or reach out to someone. It is your ability to handle anyone or anything. It is your capability for doing things well. It is being in command of your world. When you lose touch, you don’t feel that you are competent to apply yourself as you once did. KEYWORDS INCLUDE: touch, grasp, hold, seize, possess, embrace, connect, contain

Clearly, you can see how, if you lose any of these, you have plainly lost your way!

Likewise, your bliss easily happens and you experience true pleasure when all of these incredible ingredients are fluidly working in cooperation with each other. The quality of your delight is equal to the quality of how well all of these elements join forces and soar within you.

It is also vital for you to recognize that each of these elements has an association with the four directions (North, East, South, West) and the suits of the Minor Arcana (Pentacles, Swords, Wands, Cups), as follows:

FAITH = East = Swords

DREAMS = South = Wands

DESIRE = West = Cups

TOUCH = North = Pentacles

That’s all you really need to know for the basic spread. So, let’s get started . . .


STEP ONE: Shuffle and cut The Deck of Shadows. Divide the deck into three piles. Have your participant assemble them back in any order they choose.

STEP TWO: Deal four cards off the top of the deck to form a compass rose. Card 1 (Meaning: Faith) goes to your right. Card 2 (Meaning: Dreams) goes closest to you. Card 3 (Meaning: Desire) goes to your left. And Card 4 (Meaning: Touch) is placed furthest away from you. The cards should look like this:

Now interpret the cards. These four represent what could vanish, be missing, or be misplaced. These are the things that could lead your participant off course. And these are the things that will leave them feeling disoriented. These are the things that should neither be neglected nor squandered.

A Fine Distinction: There may be times when a card appears at a specific location and its meaning, on first blush, seems inexact or mistaken. On closer examination, however, you will find an intuitive connection that does make sense and will appeal to you. For example, you see the Hate/Madness/Rage/Severity card in the picture above and in the Faith location. You might be tempted to superficially ask, How is the loss of hate a bad thing? This card is about strong and powerful emotions. It is about things that are loathed and despised. The more valuable analysis, then, is that the participant risks a loss of their trust and confidence (their faith) through their continued yielding to and wallowing in those things that are disliked and intolerable.

You can stop here if you want to provide a shorter reading. If you want to be a reading superstar, keep going with the following . . .

STEP THREE: Deal four more cards off the top of the deck. Card 5 (Meaning: Faith) goes to your right. Card 6 (Meaning: Dreams) goes closest to you. Card 7 (Meaning: Desire) goes to your left. And Card 8 (Meaning: Touch) is placed furthest away from you. The cards should now look like this:

This second group of four cards represents what will be discovered, acquired, and experienced. These are the things that will bring your participant pleasure, delight, and happiness. Make certain, however, that you are not placing too much emphasis on any one direction/card. These cards, together, provide balance, stability, and well-being.

Another Fine Distinction: In the picture, above, you will see the Death/Transition/Lies/Tears card in the Touch location and as part of the Found aspect of the reading. Again, you might be asking, How is the finding of death a good thing? The Death card appears in the Touch location. The stronger interpretation for this would be: You are going to find that a transition and transformation are coming. This massive shift is going to move you into a closer connection with all that is around you.

 One More Fine Distinction: Don’t forget to read the Lost and the Found cards in reference to each other (if you are doing the expanded reading version). These cards twirl and flirt and twinkle with each other and are not to be read in ominous isolation. Have fun with the combinations that appear and let your storytelling abilities shine!


I trust that you have enjoyed this litter foray with The Lost and Found Spread. While this technique is part of a bigger reading system, it still provides you with a quite magical way and stand-alone method for interpreting what you will find to be the most essential parts of a person’s life. Let me know what you discover as you practice with this spread!

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2 thoughts on “The Deck of Shadows | The Lost and Found Spread

  1. Excogitation in motion:
    You are endowed with the gift(s) of giving reality, substance and Thinking Magically. I admire how you do these with care, allowing those who wish/intend to achieve a complete understanding of each application/choices while exploring their inner and outer world(s).

    Thank You!!

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