The Vitruvian Square | The Four Realms of Creation

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. – Pablo Picaso

Last week we explored The Three Pillars that exist within The Vitruvian Square; the Kabbalistic trinity that is said to be comprised of three hidden lights or columns. Today, I want to explore with you the related concept of The Four Worlds. In the Kabbalah, The Four Worlds represent, among other things, the four stages of formation of the Universe. These four instants in time can be thought of like this:

STAGE ONE: The Guiding Light. This is the bright idea or inspiration that is the catalyst for everything that follows. This is the realm of the infinite. Kabbalistic Association: Atzilut (emanated from). Element: Fire

STAGE TWO: The Invention. This is the expansion of creativity into a actual creative brainchild. This is where nothing becomes something. Kabbalistic Association: Briyah (creation). Element: Air

STAGE THREE: The Passion. This is where desire and enthusiasm impel an invention into a solid plan. It is here that intention is made into a substantial blueprint for success. Kabbalistic Association: Yetzira (formation). Element: Water

STAGE FOUR: The Building. This is the point at which creation is made complete and real. And, the creation, itself, takes on its own independence. Kabbalistic Association: Asiyah (action). Element: Earth

Applied to The Vitruvian Square, these four Realms of Creation appear, as follows:

The four Realms of Creation can be used to review any creative project in which you are engaged. In other words, you can use The Vitruvian Square as a way to visualize or conceptualize any stage of of a creative process. By going deeper, you can then use the various Places of Power within the matrix to determine what might be emphasized or missing at any given time.

As with the Three Pillars, the Realms of Creation are not to be viewed in complete isolation from each other. Rather, I recommend that you think of the boundaries of each realm as the place where one river runs into another; their powerful waters coming together, mixing, and creating a new current in the process.

The Realms of Creation, by the way, do not just depict a top-down view of life (from inspiration to culminating action). Indeed, the Realms of Creation can also be a top-up view (finding one’s self in the world and aspiring for more).

Finally, each one of the Places of Power within The Vitruvian Square can be used as a mediation jumping-off point. You can take each numbered square and contemplate how it interacts with its own Realm of Creation, the Realm of Creation just above it, and the one just below it. Bear in mind, by the way, that The Vitruvian Square and the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life are essentially circular in nature (they form a loop of sorts). Thus, from Place of Power “0” you would contemplate the realm of Invention as emanating downward from it, and the realm of action being above and giving life to Place of Power “0.” With a little thought, you will easily begin to realize the Kabbalistic concept of As Above, So Below in every aspect of The Vitruvian Square.

I have offered last week’s and today’s concepts for you to easily recognize that the Universe is multi-layered and in a constant fluid state. These continued changes and fluctuations can be used by you to help create the life you want to live and to explain why certain things have occurred when, where, and as they did.

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