Thinking Magically™ | Getting Just What You Deserve

Deserve your dream. – Octavio Paz

Do you have a right to be successful?

Are you worthy of chasing after your ambitions?

Are you qualified to use your personal magic?

Coming up with your answers to these important questions deserves your focused consideration. You see, I believe that a significant ingredient for taking your personal success to the next level is your ability to appreciate that you deserve the magic in your life. In other words, everything that happens to you takes place because, on some higher level, you have asked for it.

Please notice that I have not conditioned the concept of deserving as a type of reward; that you only receive in some necessary proportion to what you have already earned. Rather, I suggest to you that being deserving is about your skill in effortlessly recognizing and powerfully comprehending what you can attain. It is not always conditioned on some mystical type of endorsement or validation of prior deeds.

Now, I am not asking you to engage in some artificial or fabricated thinking. No, indeed. I am asking you to start engaging all of your senses and aim them at why you have an absolute right to be successful. Why you are worthy of chasing after your ambitions. And why you are qualified to use your personal magic.

So, how do you awaken to this new belief? The technique is easy; actually completing it, however, is demanding. It has been written about before by other authors. You will be creating a list of 100 reasons why you deserve whatever it is that you want. In other words, you take a piece of paper (or use your computer) and start off with the introduction:






Then, you just write and write and write and write. You don’t take breaks. Get rid of or ignore all interruptions. Don’t worry about repeating yourself. Don’t censor what you are putting down. You just write.

Many of you will try and do this exercise in your head rather than physically writing anything down. DON’T!

Many of you will start this exercise and then stop part-way through the process, thinking that 100 items is excess. DON’T!

Many of you will not even start this activity, claiming that you’re life is too busy or that this exercise is silly. DON’T!

The whole reason for writing out such a long list of items is to force yourself past your normal in the box thinking, and move you to a comprehensive and full-scale realization. You see, the initial things you write down will be reasoned, usually ego-centric, and even superficial. It is after you write 15-20 items that you begin to find the real, spontaneous treasures; the real structure of what you want or believe or accept as true starts to emerge. Eventually, your good sense resigns and your wisdom takes over. Then, your stream of consciousness emerges and the flow begins to deepen. Each of these steps serve a purpose and are important.

S0 . . . just write.

At the end of this exercise you will have a collection of thoughts – some repeated, some unique. Once you are done, look through them and start finding the patterns that arise from the recurrence of your common themes.

After you discover your standard themes, meditate upon them! What emotions do they spark in you? How does your body feel as you mull them over? Do your themes prompt still other memories and thoughts? Write all of these down and get ready to set in motion a new powerful and vital energy in your life!

If you want to explore the idea of making lists of 100 things, you can also look into the writings of:

Michael Gelb – How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

Kathleen Adams – Journal to the Self: 22 Paths to Personal Growth

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