The Deck of Shadows | The Frankenstein Spread (Guest Post)

Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of voice, but out of chaos. – Mary Shelley

Halloween is only about a month away. Certainly you will want to be prepared with your Deck of Shadows for some fashionable layouts to add to your bag of tricks! Recently, Kevin Winder contacted me with a sublime layout that centers around Mary Shelley’s tale. I’m posting this now so you can become familiar with this before the upcoming holiday.

As a bit of backstory, the first edition of Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus was published in London in 1818. Many people incorrectly call the monster in the tale, Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein is the man who created the monster we’ve all come to know. The monster was never given an actual name in the book.


There are times in everyone’s life when they feel that certain issues and problems have been created by others. Still it is how we react to those situations that matters most. The whole purpose of The Frankenstein Spread is to show someone that it may be their personally darker side that they feel unable to control (as opposed to the situation, itself). As with all things, there is an opposite that may bring light to the situation and once this is recognized, controlling it may become easier.

The Frankenstein Monster’s Spread uses 6 cards in 6 positions. They are:

CARD 1. The Creator (Victor Frankenstein)

MEANING:  This is what has created the monster that seems to be in control of your life at the current time, and what allows you to resign yourself to being controlled by something you feel is not of your own making.

CARD 2The Monster

MEANING: This is your current personal situation; that which is destroying your real self and, as such, is controlling you and your life. It may even be shattering your hopes and dreams. This is something that you do not currently like about yourself. It may even be the direct opposite of the person you wish to be or the way you wish things to be.

CARD 3The Monster’ Feelings

MEANING: This is how you view The Monster and how it is controlling your thoughts and actions. It may also explain why you have let it have such control.

CARD 4The Villagers

MEANING: This is how your friends/family actually view The Monster and the way that it is acting and their efforts to try and appease it as opposed to letting it run amok.

CARD 5The Downfall

MEANING: What the possible outcome may be if The Monster is allowed to continue unchecked or the problems that it may create are allowed to continue.

CARD 6The Escape

MEANING: That which will awaken the real you and stir you from your current path. This ensures that you are far better prepared to deal with The Monster should it reappear.

[Scott’s Notes: Obviously, the Boris Karloff images are what most people envision when they hear the name Frankesnstein. However, Bernie Wrightson of Marvel Comics illustrated a 1983 edition of Frankenstein based on the actual descriptions from the original Shelley book. I have used Wrightson’s images for the card layout. More information on Wrightson’s work can be found here: Frankenstein Illustrated.]

Here is what the spread looks like:

Images (c) Bernie Wrightson


Thank you, Kevin, for this very timely Deck of Shadows layout! I truly appreciate you taking the time to invent this, write it up, and then sharing it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about The Deck of Shadows, you can go to my website at the following link:

The Deck of Shadows

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