The Deck of Shadows | A Trusty Sidekick (Guest Post)

As you can imagine, it is always incredibly wonderful to receive messages from people who have The Deck of Shadows. It’s even more fun to read about their unique and personal ways of using the cards. Today, I’d like to share with you something that Bill Tarot wrote up and sent to me.


Have you ever found yourself staring down at the Tarot cards you pulled and knew it could mean one of two things, but you weren’t sure which? Or how about the times when you look at one of the cards in the spread and think… “huh!?!”

My cure to this situation is The Deck of Shadows, and the deck has never failed me, yet. I’ll give you a recent example. A friend of mine had to give some bad news via a presentation to a group of executives where he worked. After struggling with how to shape the message, he turned to me for advice and I turned to Tarot. The 10 of Swords spoke to the ending of a bad financial period, and the 10 of Wands highlighted that they weren’t giving up even though it felt overwhelming. This was all true, and he had already incorporated those messages into his slide presentation. But I felt the 10 of Wands had more to say, and I just wasn’t picking it up.

So I turned to The Deck of Shadows and, naturally, received a laser sharp message that rounded out the advice. I pulled the card called Underdog. It pointed to an issue that my friend and some of his teammates sometimes forget. His company was battling competition that was well entrenched and my friend’s company was a relative newcomer. The burden of the 10 of Wands was due, in great part, to the fact that they were The Newcomer – The Underdog. When my friend framed his message against that little guy backdrop, the situation no longer looked as gloomy, and the presentation had the positive side effect of rallying the “everyone loves the underdog” energy.

As we study Tarot, we learn many different ways to interpret the cards – but during the reading, it might be only one aspect that our intuition instantly grabs hold of and passes to the conscious mind as the message. Similarly, The Deck of Shadows (at least for me) tends to have only one element that intuitively resonates in a reading. Each card has 4 words, and only one may stick out as the focused message. Yet other times, like a traditional Tarot deck, it’s the central image or even the small icon on the bottom that presents itself.

My current reading deck may change from time to time, but The Deck of Shadows is always the trusty sidekick. I don’t use them for every reading, but I make sure it’s always with me when I give one.

During Readers Studio 2011 in New York, Aaron Rathbun was showcasing his leather Tarot bags (which can be custom designed). I asked him to create one for me that would house a common-sized Tarot deck and The Deck of Shadows (with some side room for stones). Now, when I leave house with my Tarot bag, I know I have everything needed for a great reading with me.


Thank you, Bill, for letting me (and now others) know how you are using The Deck of Shadows and for taking the time to write this all up. Your case, by the way, looks phenomenal!

I just love how people continue to discover how easy it is to mix oracle tools rather than being stuck with only one reading device.

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