Thinking Magically™ | The Lessons of Le’ahi

In the end . . . we will take care of only what we love; we will love only what we understand; we will understand only what we are taught. – Hawaiian Proverb

Nearly 300,000 years ago, a magnificent crater was formed during a single, powerful eruption. It is what many know today as Diamond Head or Le’ahi in Hawaii. Nearly a mile long, the hike from the trail’s head to the Le’ahi summit is steep, uneven, and strenuous; you climb 560 feet from the crater floor. The trail includes many switchbacks, a dark 225 foot tunnel, over 220 stair steps, and a very narrow spiral stairway! Once you reach the summit, you have a breathtaking, panoramic view.

As I hiked up (and back down) Le’ahi, I saw many people talking of giving up and many more complaining (I wonder how many thought of making the trek and then never even tried). Many people were out of shape, and did not appear prepared for their climbing adventure. Still, there were others who were jogging (and, yes, one kid running full out to get to the top). Perhaps we were all a little crazy following our vision; still . . . we moved forward and upward and encouraged each other. There was joking and the feeling of accomplishment upon reaching the top.

I traveled very lightly for this particular trip. It was freeing, to say the least.

At some of the switchbacks and certainly in the tunnel and stairways, you had to have patience. I had to remember that everyone else out there was following their dream of reaching the top, too. They had a right to proceed at their own pace. In fact, I learned that it’s okay to stop and catch your breath sometimes (or to wait while others catch theirs).

Naturally, I came to realize that there are some real life lessons that this massive volcano had to offer me. So, for a bit of fun, today, I put together this little collection of photographs and thoughts for you to consider and for me to remember:

I think you know, by now, that I always like to look at my surroundings and notice the omens that are given. Take a moment, today, and find your own good omens to consider (no matter where you are)!

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