Thinking Magically™ | Well-Built Figments

A man without tattoos is invisible to the Gods. – Iban Proverb

What actually marks you as distinctive? What token do you wear that labels you as extraordinary?

Today, we find out!

Imagine, for a moment, that every one of your concerns, and every one of your prior, negative beliefs about having a tattoo are set aside. Step back, breathe easy, and realize that – for this technique – you don’t have to worry that someone will see something and judge you. You don’t have to be troubled at the thought of permanently scarring or marking your body. Today, we’re going to go on a guided daydream that will gift you an imaginary emblem that you can call on – at any time – to remind you of why you chose it in the first place.

Once you’re sitting in a comfortable place and it’s safe to do so, close your eyes. Notice, now, that you have acquired the most breathtaking, amazing, and inspiring tattoo on your body; an image that flawlessly reflects your intimate ambitions or, perhaps, your secret passions. Possibly, it represents your profound wishing or your intense faith. Or, for all one knows, it illustrates your promising possibilities or your confident persona. Would it be an image that motivates you? Or, an image that brings dread to others – a warning, of sorts?

I wonder – if you could have any picture, at all, placed anywhere on your body – what it would be?

As I guided you through this fanciful exercise, your fruitful imagination directed you to an image. Write out your answers to the following questions:

Where is it located?

What colors make it up?

What is the design? And, does your design have any words or letters?

What is the story you want your image to tell?

How does your image make you feel?

What do you want your image to make others feel?

Now, looking back over your answers, there are four main elements that make up your tattoo figment:

1.  What you thought about as you were going through the exercise;

2.  The figment that you ultimately settled upon;

3.  What your figment signifies for you; and

4.  What the location of your figment represents for you.

Meditate upon these four ingredients and you will find some remarkable answers about yourself, your dreams, and your expectations. Once you understand the power behind your chosen imaginary tattoo, you can conjure it up whenever you need or want to as a reminder, a convincer, or a shield. All you need to do is imagine your tattoo right where you first envisioned it in the first place – it is strong, intoxicating, and compelling. This is a mental construct – an emotional model, if you will – of a personal emblem or metaphor that can be summoned up as dramatic way to facilitate your own success.

It is important to appreciate that there are no wrong answers or symbols here. With this Well-Built Figments technique, you dream up your own Truth – not someone else’s. It is your psychological, emotional, and intuitive reactions to this exercise that control what you ultimately choose to use as your personal, potent figment. And . . . you need never tell anyone about it. In fact, this system is most effective when you keep it to yourself!


If you’ve read this far, like me, you’re probably an overachiever. You want more . . . so . . . here it is –

First, you can revisit the imaginary tattoo that you created, and take that image to the next level if you so desire. In other words, you can make your tattoo figment even more jaw-dropping in its look and effectiveness! To do this, take some cleansing breaths, clear your mind, and leave your mental baggage aside. Adopt a positive state of mind and affirming intent as you imagine yourself visiting the world’s most successful and experienced tattoo artist. Imagine him cleaning the place on your body where you want the tattoo figment to be placed. Now, actually sense your tattoo figment being placed on your body. Use all your senses – make the process real (with the added realization and benefit that there is no pain to the placement of a tattoo figment).  When your tattoo artist is finished creating your figment, watch as a calming salve is placed over the figment to set it in place. This added visualization will serve to anchor the importance and value of your tattoo figment.

Second, you will change over time. You will think new thoughts. Your body will change. Your desires will expand. One of the benefits of a tattoo figment is that you can change it – both the symbol and the location – at any time.

Next, imagine the real power that would exist if your tattoo figment was dynamic, if it could move, and interact with the world around you! When you feel comfortable doing so, take some time and meditate on how your Well-Built Figment can move. Perhaps it can talk and send you messages. You might even be able to send your tattoo figment out into the world to bring you back information. Let your creativity run wild!

Finally, you don’t have to limit yourself to one Well-Built Figment! Imagine the possibilities.

The certainty of your knowledge that you have a Well-Built Figment is what makes this whole exercise work and, quite possibly – for you – a life-changing technique! Use it well.

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© 2011 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

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