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Today I’m going to entrust you with a very simple and quick – but mighty – life strategy. What follows supplements some seminars I’ve been giving lately; lectures about how you can become compelling and influential when you make choices based on a desired end result (being a decision maker as opposed to being a problem solver). You see, you gain an enormous potency when you are moving towards outcomes rather than constantly reacting to obstacles. That being said, I have found that, in elegantly applying your magic (your personal power), it becomes all too easy to exclusively concentrate on those results you want to be, have, and you forget to pay attention to anything else. In other words, you put blinders on to anything other than the goal. I want you to broaden your visions and, instead, to easily imagine and comfortably come to believe that compelling magic truly happens when you use your desire as the starting point – not an ending point.

Let me explain.

You’ve seen what happens when you drop a stone in or skip a rock across water.


There are ripples; those little wavelets that seem to put ever-increasing wrinkles in the surface around the initial impact. Imagine how your own magic will increase and your decision making made smarter as you now start thinking about the ripples (the consequences) that will always be created from your exercise of your personal power. How will your life choices be different when you start taking the ripples of your magic into account before they happen? Further, I predict that your resolve will be much more intoxicating when you actually intend to create ripples rather than just treating them as an annoying aftermath. That’s right – in your creative process, in setting your intent, and in imaging your outcomes, you can now choose to create ripples on purpose.

Let’s pause here for a moment because I know some of you would rather not be bothered with or contemplate the free-flowing ripples that you believe you can’t control. You think of them as necessary complications. You just want the end result – I’ve heard it before: don’t trouble you with the collateral damage. I have found, however, that you can’t simply choke or filter out the consequences of what you do. So . . . if you can’t remove them, learn to envision them, in advance, and make them part of your magical creation process.

Okay, back to the technique: take out a piece of paper and draw a small circle right in the middle of the page. This is your target, your goal, your desired outcome. Now draw some concentric circles around this first circle so that you have a target with a bullseye drawn.


Using the simple diagram shown above, you can now begin to manifest – not only your main goal – but your ripples, as well. Take the diagram and write your primary intention in the very middle spot (the bullseye). Now, in each of the outer rings, start brainstorming all of the consequences and effects on people and places and events that will likely happen when your bullseye is hit.

But . . . that’s not where we end. To take this method to the next level and make it even more might, use the outer rings to write down consequences you want to happen – rather than mere ramifications and implications you fear or dread will happen.

By actually writing our your intended ripples – by creating them – you add even more influence to your ambition and objectives; you’re not just aiming for the bullseye, you’re aiming for the whole target!


Now that you’ve gotten good at writing out one outcome and noticing the ripples that result from the energy of that goal, you’re ready to move to the next level. As one variation of this technique, start with the ripples and then move to the goal. In other words, first imagine and then create the effects of reaching a goal, in that order. Many times you will find that the reverberations of you reaching your goal have more impact on your life than the attainment of the dream, itself.

Then, once you’re proficient at creating ripples with one goal in mind, grow your magic by forecasting and intending multiple goals. Draw out your multiple targets and notice how the outer rings start to overlap each and impact each other. Notice the interconnectedness of your imaginings and wishings and wantings. There is real power here that has, until now, gone unnoticed and unused.

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