Thinking Magically™ | The Book™

Perhaps your truth depends on simply finding a book.

As you already know, I love incorporating images, symbols, and other types of word paintings into powerful connections with people; using metaphors to easily catch glimpses of the magical world that lives inside you. Here is a little diversion for you to embrace – an amusing game of mine that, I believe, will fascinate you once you give it a try. Inspired by Annie Gottlieb’s incredible The Cube, and in the same fashion as the Kokology set from Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, this is a guided daydream (as Robert Desoille might have called it) that I call The Book™; a game of revelation and realization, of uncovering and unearthing, and of discovery and determination.

There are only a few concepts to follow when using The Book™:

1.  The Book™ is not as much about creating new images for you, as it is about revealing the pictures that already live inside you.

2.  Don’t limit your experience to images, alone. Notice what you hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel along the way. Sometimes, the non-visual elements of your experience are more revealing than anything else and certainly have as much significance.

3.  Use the first images, words, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, and emotions that come to you. There are no wrong answers in using The Book™.

4.  Use as much detail as you can in your descriptions and answers.

Naturally, this is only a compact, abridged version of a larger, more elaborate technique. If there is enough interest, perhaps I will expand on The Book™ in later posts. For now, I know you will enjoy this stand-alone version.


There are places we all dream of traveling to, of returning to, of escaping to; places that might be a refuge, an adventure, or a place of learning. Let your mind start wandering to one of those special places – a place that you would willingly go to in a heartbeat if given the chance. And now you begin to wonder if this place is so real inside you that you might be able to really travel there with just the slightest of encouragement.

1.  Where have you traveled to? Have you been there before? What are your feelings about this place? What do you hope to find there?

2.  While looking around your special place, you come across a book. Where do you find it? Describe the way the book looks. What were you doing when you found it?

3.  Now you notice there is a title on the book. What does it say?

4.  You begin to leaf through the book, only to find that the pages are all blank . . . all except one page. As you look closer at this one page, you see that there are three words on the page that have been written for you. What are they? Are they all together, or are they separated and appear randomly placed on the page?

5.  You start to glance through the pages some more, and find that someone has torn one page out of the book. Who or what did that?

6.  Suddenly, you notice that the page that was ripped out of the book is lying on the ground. What do you do? Some people may leave it alone and walk away. Some may pick up the page and read it, and then throw if back down on the ground. Some may put it back in the book. Some may fold it up and put it in their pocket.

7.  You notice that there are three words written on the ripped out page. What are they and how are they placed on the page?

8.  You turn to the last page in the book. There you see an advertisement for another book that is about to be published. What does the advertisement look like and say?


Books are a time-honored symbol of knowledge and, naturally, house the stories we tell ourselves to get us through the day. The way you imagine your special place and then the book you eventually find there reveals the breathing space you need in your world and the distinct qualities that will empower you.

1.  The place you traveled to in your mind represents where you would go to get a break from your everyday world. Your description of this place reveals what you need to invigorate and breath new life into your present situation. Is the place real or fantasy? Is it in the Past, Present, or Future?

2.  The book you find (the way it looks and the feeling you get from it) represents the deep knowing and wisdom of your soul. Where you found it signifies how that knowledge is embraced, used, and, most importantly, cared for by you. Has he book been very cared for, or has it been well-handled and thus worn? Does it appear to be an old text, or something relatively new?  The activity you were engaged in when you found the book represents the strategy you use best to retrieve your own unique awareness and personal understanding in the real world.

3.  The title on the book (including how it looks) represents how you describe your life situation right now. In other words, this is the current tagline for your life. How big is the title compared with the rest of the book? What color is the text?

4. The three words that you see describe how you see yourself – not how others might see you. These three words are a powerful blend and, together, represent your mastery. How are the three words placed on the page – together or separated?

5.  The person or thing that tore the page out of the book is someone who of something that challenges you to be more than you are now. This person (or type of person) or thing is who or what rouses you out of complacency. What emotions arise when you think of this person of thing?

6. What you do when you see the torn out page indicates how you respond to the challenges of life and how you make yourself whole. The information provided here is a sign of how you react to life’s tests and trials. Notice whether the feeling that arose in Step 5 either goes away completely or intensifies with the decision in this step. For a real healing experience, find out what action could be taken in this step to banish the emotion from Step 5.

7.  The three words on the torn out page illustrate what you need to concentrate on or address in order to be at peace or satisfied. Again, how are they placed on the page?

8.  The last page of the book is where you are headed next; the adventure that is about to unfold for you. It might help to obtain three adjectives to describe this last page; descriptors that will be used in the interpretation.

Once you run through The Book™ for yourself, you begin to realize how entertaining it can be to present this to others. Get them to give you as much detail, as possible, as you escort them to their special place and become their tour guide as they chance upon their book. Let your intuition take over as you link what they tell you with the meanings of the various steps along the way. This is not about having scripted answers – this is about letting their imagination and stream of consciousness mix with your explanation and eloquence. Obviously, the more detail you obtain from them, the more noteworthy illumination you can give.

As presented here, The Book™ is a self-contained exploration. Like me, if you use The Cube, it can readily be incorporated into Annie’s marvelous and enthralling game.

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