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Today you have a project to complete. And . . . I would never ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do, myself. So, I’ll show you the result of my endeavor first – to prompt your own creativity.

This all came about, by the way, because I have always loved the visual appeal, arousing inspiration, and delightful intuitiveness of Lululemon Athletica’s Manifesto. I found something similar at Still, I needed more. I wanted to create a stirring reminder of my life themes; a mini-poster that I can glance at, meditate upon, and truly ponder whenever the mood strikes me. So, a number of years ago (and with obvious imitation of Lululemon’s brilliant innovation), I designed the following intuitive pattern of words, sayings, and sentences that symbolize my personal universe.

This mighty coalition of words is something that always reminds me to think deeply about what is truly important, and to reflect upon those beliefs that, for me, hold my world together and give my creations life.

I invite you – no, I dare you – to take the time to design your own unique and intimate life theme mandala; one that stimulates you, one that emancipates you, and one that renews your passion for living! Write out those sayings, proverbs, mottos, and cliches that sustain you, embody your rules for right living, and which act as signal beacons for you decisions.

If you have a flair for computer design, you can emulate the Lululemon pattern. If you are not so inclined, then take a look at the gapingvoid design. Both accomplish the same thing. They force you to actually conceive and forge your own mission statement. They compel you to go through a ritual that produces and brings you face-to-face with your statements of belief, your guiding principles, and your own general truths about life.

And remember – you can get inspiration for this project from anywhere. In addition to my own creativity and the people around me, some of my motivation came from: Neil Diamond, Rumi, Apple, Richard Bach, Hannibal, and Anthony Robbins. You can easily do this, too. So, go ahead and summon up those ground rules, and guiding principles, and ideals you cherish. Write them out, and put them down on paper so you have a persistent reminder of all that empowers you!

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