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The Vitruvian Square: Discoveries in Divination has remained a bestseller for over 4 months now. I am very grateful to all of you who have supported me. As a thank you, I want to spend a little time expanding upon a formidable technique from the book; a success strategy that really creates a new level of passion and understanding when you use it conscientiously. This was originally intended to be part of a sequel . . . but you’re going to get it here for the first time!

Usually when someone uses an affirmation, they just repeat the sentence over and over and over again in their head. They believe that the retelling of their words is enough to carry them through the day and, eventually, get them their goal. I have a belief, though, that repetition, alone, does not reveal results. Rather, it is the passion and significance of your words that produces outcomes. How would your meditative practice (and manifesting) be different if, instead of merely repeating your affirmations over and over, again, with the hope of success, you actually breathe spirit and fascination into your statement? That’s what we’re going to explore together, today.

In the book, I explain how words, coupled with emotion and infused with meaning, result in an incantation or invocation that is mighty and wondrous. Simply, you can take powerful statements and marry them to The Vitruvian Square layout. This union results in a mediation tool that takes your positive thinking well beyond simply repeating tired words to yourself.  With the following technique you actually summon your words to life!

As I’ve talked about before in some of these articles, an incantation is a recital of words to achieve a desired goal. An invocation is the summoning of something for assistance. And an affirmation is a positive statement or oath. Using the following technique, then, let’s focus your affirmations, incantations, and invocations; making your use of positive statements of desire a much more concentrated, focal point of your intention.

You begin, naturally enough, with the basic Vitruvian Square layout of 9 squares. Click here to read my prior article on the Vitruvian Square construction.

Now, like me, you also have to design an incantation, affirmation, or invocation that uses precisely 9 words! This is actually quite easy to do if you but take the time to really discern the intent you want to create, and uncover and then omit all the unnecessary words you might otherwise have used. I give two incantation examples in the book. Today, we’re going to play with another one of my favorites:

Everything happens for a reason and it serves me!

Here’s how simple (and robust) the technique is: take each one of those words and import each one sequentially into the matrix’s squares.:

You can now discover and employ the combination of the placement of these words within The Vitruvian Square and fortify your incantation. First, look at the bold red words (the incantation, itself) and notice the correspondences of each word with the nine Places of Power within The Vitruvian Square. Take the incantation and reflect upon each individual word and its place within The Vitruvian Square world. This brings immense internal power to what you want to accomplish.

Through such reflection, you actually give more internal power and meaning to your selected words.

Using this example, you can take my powerful declaration of purpose and apply the various attributes from The Vitruvian Square to liven up your mediations and allow you to wield some mighty plans. In this article, I am only going to focus on the Tarot correspondences from the book. Any of The Vitruvian Square connections, however, will work just as easily and effectively.

Square “1” – EVERYTHING

This is every single thing – it is exactly the opposite of having nothing at all. When coupled with The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun Place of Power, we see that our statement not only begins with all things, but encompasses every options, every possibility, and makes every thing of importance. There is nothing too big or too small that escapes our attention and intention.

Square “2” – HAPPENS

The word happens indicates that there is a result, and effect, and an outcome expected. No . . . even more than an expectation, this word, when considered in the context of The High Priestess, Justice, and Judgement Place of Power, is a belief that something is taking place. This is the essence, quite literally, of your declaration of intent. When something happens, that means something has materialized.

Square “3” – FOR

The word for means acting on behalf of or for the benefit of someone or something else. This particular Place of Power is symbolized by The Empress, The Hanged Man, and the World! In some sense, they all serve the function of nurturer, comfort giver, and advocate. In the context of our statement of intention, the word for is a promise and assurance that every little thing in our world makes a difference.

Square “4” – A

The word a is a reference word. To put it another way, a is what you use in a sentence when initially referring to someone or something. Our a word appears in the square for The Emperor and Death. Thus, it is symbolic of both our starting point and finale.

Square “5” – REASON

When we have a reason, we have, not only a cause, but a defense for what we are accomplishing and doing. This particular word sets forth the motivation of our entire incantation; the understanding that there is both a logic and a wisdom inherent in what is taking place. This word appears in the Place of Power of both The Hierophant and Temperance; the cards, appropriately enough, that can mean convention, rules, and control. We find that there is a real force behind our life!

Square “6” – AND

And is a word that joins other words. It is the coming together for a common purpose. How fitting that and sits in the Place of Power of The Lovers and The Devil; cards that represent relationships, coupling, and bonds.

Square “7” – IT

This word refers us, naturally enough, back to everything; back to our beginning and the source of assertion. In this Place of Power, and like the symbols of The Chariot and The Tower, the word it is used to emphasize or add power to what came before.

Square “8” – SERVES

The word serves brings up memories of obedience and submission. Here we also have the cards of Strength and The Star; cards that exemplify the courage to help satisfy a goal, and the feeling of desire for that goal to happen. We are reminded that every thing contributes to our own good, and assists us.

Square “9” – ME

Ah, now we come to the heart of the matter – who is this all about. YOU, of course! This is a reminder for you that your statement of intent is referring to you and your success. Here we have a Place of Power symbolized by The Hermit and The Moon. The Hermit, and his solitude, underscores what this incantation is all about. Likewise, The Moon is a symbol of anything you could desire.

Use this Everything happens for a reason and it serves me example to create your own incantations and explore what each and every word of your enchantment truthfully means. You will find that this close inspection of the words you choose to use enhances their personal significance and reinforces your intent.

So, now it’s your turn. Experiment and play with creating your own powerful incantations to fill in the nine Places of Power within The Vitruvian Square.

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