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This particular article is all about you! Well . . . it’s all about you . . . and the raw power of the things, places, and people around you. Everyone and everything in your life is either guided by your own mastery, or it has some influence over you. Naturally, by looking at these things of importance – these omens, as I’ve called them – you can quickly discover the significant and very personal signs and metaphors of your everyday, waking life that are just waiting to help you recognize where you are going and the things that are about to change.

Now, the first step in easily being aware of the irresistible symbols in your life, is understanding a lesson that one of my martial arts teachers told me:

Look at nothing in order to see everything.

In other words, when you restrict your attention, your focus, and your thoughts, you automatically limit what can be noticed and discovered. While such easy curbing of your awareness is useful in some situations, the confining of your knowledge can also leave you visionless when you need such perspective the most. In today’s technique, I want to show you a useful tool to broaden your imagination and insight; a ritual that will reveal some inner truths to you. It’s almost like the world is leaking a deeper reality for you to encounter.

Ready to play?

Sit or stand somewhere where it is safe and comfortable for you to do so. Look around and take in your surroundings. Notice that you are becoming aware of things, feelings, and impressions you haven’t fully considered before. Don’t center your attention on any one thing. Just perfectly drink in the wholeness of what is in your immediate area.

Now, simply close your eyes and, for a moment, appreciate your breathing. Feel that it is strong in your chest. Notice your chest rise and fall. Note the energy in your body.

With your eyes still closed, draw your imagination and inner attention back to the surroundings that you noticed a moment ago. Recall it in your mind’s eye. What is the first thing that you remember about it? Take a moment and notice the detail of this primary impression.

Open your eyes and, now, ask yourself: how does the image that I first recalled have meaning for me? There is a certain power that this image brings with it. Where do you feel this image in your body? Does the image bring up good or bad feelings in you? Where do you sense those feelings in your body, and what do those bodily sensations normally mean for you?

Now, begin to ask yourself: what – other than the unembellished meaning of the memory – are the symbolic imports of my image? Continue, and ask yourself: if this image had a message for me, right now, what would it be? Then listen to what your inner voice has to say.

Experience what it is like to be the image you have been shown. And, encountering this understanding, know that you are gaining new insights into your own life, and new information that will give you strength and success.

Use three adjectives to describe the image you recall. For example, if you were outside, and the first thing you recalled were clouds, you might use the following adjectives to portray the significant impression: powerful, mystical, and ever-changing. Clouds, for some, can be a portent of trouble brewing, while for others they are symbols of coming wisdom and power. [NOTE: In doing this exercise this morning, in fact, my vision was of clouds in the distance and they were billowing. Clouds are a very positive symbol for me, so I take this to mean that the realization of my own, full abilities is yet to be completely understood, and that it continues to surge and expand all the time. I am reminded to be stirred and inspired, and that sometimes I have to step back and see things from a distance in order to appreciate the beauty.]

When you are finished achieving a symbol and message that has personal meaning for you, take a moment and give thanks for what has been shown to you. This is an important step in the process! Momentous knowledge and direction have been bestowed upon you, and new creative energy has been let loose. You may even have had some profound innovation revealed. However deep your insights have been, feel how thankful you are to be now be armed with an awareness that affects your most heartfelt wishes.

Use the sign and indications that have been gifted to you through your inner vision as another tool to help you make decisions and determine your place in the world right now. Continually keep asking: What message am I supposed to have from this?

Once you become proficient with this technique, you will be able to deftly avail yourself of the method with your eyes remaining open. Indeed, you will be able to glance around your surroundings and, without delay, detect the signs and symbols that have an urgency and prominence for you at that very moment! This is all about expanding your awareness, and allowing signs and symbols that have unique meaning to you to flow from your unconscious mind to your waking realization.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Magically™ | Everyday Omens

  1. The world around you as a living tarot card. That’s what immediately impressed me about this technique. The process you describe is a slowed-down play by play of how to interpret a tarot card image and so can be done with any “scene” in one’s life. Brilliant! Must begin experimenting!

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