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I am often asked if there is an attainable, knowable secret to success; keys that will unlock the door of abundance. Over the years, here is what I have come to knowthat desire and curiosity, combined, are what keep us alive! That desire and curiosity are what push us to be more than we are now! And that desire and curiosity are what cast their spells over us so that we have no option but to thrive!

Why? Why do I believe that these two formidable ingredients make up the energy and triumph of Life?

It is as simple as this – that when we have a heart’s desire, something that we truly crave, we are forced toward that future goal. And, being fueled by that inspiration and from that stimulation, we are profoundly alive. We have something yet to live for.

Desire, you can be sure, is what ignites us into action! Being thrust into deeds that fulfill us, we remain vital, and an active participant in our own lives.

Curiosity is that state of wonder that, when acted upon, leads to knowledge. It is the fuel for your imagination, the path of your wisdom, and the means by which you become excited. Through curiosity, you are presented with new worlds to explore and old ones to understand. As with desire, curiosity insists that you play an active role in your own success. Perhaps Albert Einstein said it best: I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

It is curiosity, you might even say, that eagerly opens the door for your desire. And it is your desire, then, that pushes you through the threshold to a new adventure.

So, here are a couple of exercises to expand your curiosity and desire:


Ask lots and lots of questions . . . about everything. Engage in thought experiments and begin using your imagination to understand the way things really are. You can easily and naturally do this, now, by just asking yourself, What might happen if . . . ?

Using this straightforward technique, you will comfortably begin to explain, predict, and control the world around you. You will be challenging the status quo, and, most importantly, you will be making decisions! I’ve said it before: it is in our choices that our dreams find life.


Desire is defined as a strong wanting or wishing for something to happen. But, desire, without deeds, just leads to despair. And I don’t want you to have any sadness. I want you to move from wishing to having. And here’s the compelling solution – all you need to do is know exactly what you want.

So, how do you figure that out? Take a piece of paper and write down the following 12 areas of your life:

1.  Travel/Adventure

2.  Health

3.  Personal Growth/Education

4.  Love/Relationship with Others

5.  Creativity/Self-Expression

6.  Faith/Religion

7.  Work/Career

8.  Lifestyle/Possessions

9.  Money

10.  World Situation/Environment

11.  Paranormal Abilities

12.  Philosophy of Life

At the top of the paper write: If I could be, do, and have anything I want, and I knew I could not fail, and money was no object, this would be my perfect life:

Now, HAVE FUN creating and writing out the life of your dreams! Remember, only write out positive and empowering scenarios. And . . . write this all out in the present tense, as if you already have all this abundance in your life.

When you are finished you will have created a sort of pleasure map for yourself; a well built guide for obtaining your goals!

As a side note, you can see how this is nicely congruent with a prior post about Finding Magic.

So, now that you are powerfully armed with your curiosity and desire, what’s holding you back from living your dreams?

Just some thoughts. Enjoy!

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