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Now that The Vitruvian Square has been released, I thought it would be terrific fun to share with all of you some essential information about the numbers used in my Unified Theory of Divination. Let’s start with an appreciation that The Vitruvian Square has some of its origins in the Western version of the venerable Lo Shu Square. As I explain in the book, I have transformed the orientation of the numbers that are used so that The Vitruvian Square numbers are situated like this:

The Vitruvian Square Basic Configuration

This intuitive shift in the patterns and layout of the numbers resulted in incredible revelations and findings; more than I could do justice to in this blog entry. So, for today, let’s start with the numbers, themselves, and what, at their core, they mean.

ZERO (0) The Void, the Infinite, gestation, unformed creativity, the Limitless Space, the unknowable, no-thing, something that is boundless, truth, purity, love, everything, and the Alpha and Omega.

ONE (1) Individuality, new beginnings, opportunity, self-reliance, distinction, innovation, separateness, and expression.

TWO (2) Balance, flexibility, partnership, relationships, attraction, duality, alternation, a cross-road, duplication, and harmony.

THREE (3) Creation, optimism, increase, achievement, volition, extension of the self, expansion, and growth.

FOUR (4) Structure, order, stability, building, stagnation, experience, reality, materiality, and foundation.

FIVE (5) Instability, uncertainty, mediation, conflict, reward and punishment, lost opportunities for change, interchange, exchange, and conversion.

SIX (6) Equilibrium, reciprocation, sympathy, communication, problem solving, learning, connections, balance, alchemy, harmony, restitution, and cooperation.

SEVEN (7) Victory, perfection, assessment, motives amplified, equilibrium, agreement, and a soul developed.

EIGHT (8) Earthly progress, invention, reconstruction, inspiration, interconnection, self-mastery, movement, action, change, and power.

NINE (9) Transformation, endings, attainment, disuniting, and fruition.

Even if you don’t have The Vitruvian Square, yet, you can immediately start entertaining yourself and others with this captivating tool. Here’s how:

For those of you who are already familiar with the elegance of numerology, this will be routine. For the rest of you, each letter of the alphabet is assigned to one of the major locations within The Vitruvian Square. So, the letter-number associations look like this:

The Vitruvian Square Letter - Number Associations

Take the letters of your name or someone else’s name and determine which of the numbers/squares apply. For example, if you take my first name, S-c-o-t-t, you have the numbers/squares – “1” (S), “3” (C), “6” (O), and two “7’s “(T-T). It is straightforward to then look at the compatible keywords for the numbers and arrive at a basic “reading.”

Of course, the book outlines many more layers that are added to this basic design. But, this should be enough to get you started!

One more thing – for those of you who are already experienced with Tarot, The Deck of Shadows, or similar oracles, you can promptly see the pleasing relationship between each card and each location of The Vitruvian Square. That, alone, will get your creative juices flowing!

Just some thoughts. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “The Vitruvian Square | Just Some Numbers

  1. I’ve always been the odd ball in my family. I used something like this last winter and discovered that YEP I’d the odd man out lol. I’m definately getting your book. Knowing how to add more layers will be interesting.

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