The Deck of Shadows | The Aladdin Spread

What would you do if you found Aladdin’s magical lamp . . .

and you were given three wishes?

That question forms the basis for the next, very powerful spread that I want to share with you. Bear in mind that the original Aladdin story (presumably one incorporated into the tale One Thousand and One Nights by its French translator Antoine Galland) didn’t quite contain the same plot structure and content that we’ve come to fondly know today. Still, let’s dust off the story, wipe clean our interpretation skills, and use a little creative and mystic license to explore an exotic spread that will bring a person long-needed clarity and expectation.

To begin, imagine you have come across a magic lamp or bottle that houses a guardian spirit. Once released or called upon, this exceptional spirit will immediately grant you three wishes. You pick up the lamp or bottle, and either rub the lamp or take the top off the bottle. The spirit within the lamp or bottle is unleashed and, with gratitude and responsibility, you are given the gift of three wishes.

The Aladdin Spread is built upon this vision.

For this layout, you will be using five spirited cards. Each card represents an important ingredient in the mindful handling of your magical bottle or lamp. In other words, there is a card that represents the top of the bottle or the spout of the lamp. It is that thing that needs to be undone or through which something is allowed to leave. The first card, then, represents that which needs to be willingly liberated and gratefully released in order to be awarded your wishes.

There is also that portion of the lamp or bottle that you vigilantly hold onto while the lamp is expectantly rubbed or the bottle eagerly unsealed. Our second card, naturally, represents what you must embrace and continue to carry with you in order to be endowed with your wishes.

Finally, there are the three wishes, themselves. These three cards represent the wants, desires, and dreams that will be fulfilled in the near future.

The spread, as I use it looks like this:

Card 1 =  What you have to release in order to gain your heart’s desires.

Card 2 = What you have to hold on to in order to gain your heart’s desires.

Cards 3, 4, and 5 = The Wishes (contents of the bottle) = What will be coming true for you in the near future.

One more delightful thing, this happens to be one of those mystifying spreads that doubles as a formidable goal setting tool, as well. Rather than shuffling the cards, placing them down in the proper places, and then reading them, you can have the person contemplate what the different positions mean (after you explain the locations), and then have the person consciously choose the cards they want to see in each place! This type of awarenessvital exploration, and deliberate selection process is eye-opening, to say the least.

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