Thinking Magically – A “New” Slice of Life

Let’ have some fun today, shall we?

In today’s times, compelling overachievers are always looking for ways to do better and be more wise with what we are blessed with. In other words, we naturally expect to get further with what we already have. I know, in my own business endeavors, I have used the metaphor with others of the cake or pie only being so big – at the moment. I suggest to people, that they either make the cake or pie bigger, don’t serve so much of it to everyone at one time, or get yourself a different cake or pie! Obviously, it is quite easy to just stop serving everyone – but that only creates underlying messages of endurance, sufferance, and shortcoming, doesn’t it?

So, I prefer to work with people in the direction of expanding their opportunities, or shifting their marketability and business, or both!

I believe that one of the more compelling and mighty by-products of magical thinking is the intensity with which you sense the moreness of Life. Now, moreness is not just an appreciation of an actual increase in your abundance. It is an authentic respect and transcendent understanding of the greatness and brilliance of the things, people, and events of your life. It is also about the elegance of the process – the how we create our bounty and plentitude mindset.

So, when I discovered some articles on delightfully novel and amusing ways to cut cakes and pies to get more out of them, my mind immediately wrapped around the concept that these new slicing thoughts and strategies could equally and simply be applied to our daily life, intents, and business dreams, as well.

First, take a look at the following write-ups and you will immediately see some new ways of looking at the problem of slicing cakes and pies into what are called envy-free and equitable solutions.

Creative Cake Cutting Ideas

Cutting a Pie is No Piece of Cake

Next, using your own imagination, see what you can dream up to give yourself a NEW SLICE OF LIFE!

Finally, in reading these (and other) articles, here are some important lessons that I have learned:

1. To cut something into more functional pieces requires an initial shift in your perception of how it should have been cut in the first place.

2. In order to create the opening strategy for cutting your pieces, you first need to decide how many pieces you need or want.

3.  If you want more to work with, layer your activities, your job tasks, and your resources. Multi-tasking has its own sublime secrets to be advantageous, and requires some advance planning and careful selection of the activities you will use this strategy upon. At the very least, choose to give yourself more to work with in the first place rather than limiting your wealth and then having to allocate it.

4.  You always have more options for creating slices than you’ve previously considered. The more options you give yourself, the more choices you will have. Options (more than two alternatives) are good. Dilemmas (only two alternatives) are less than desireable.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.

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