The Deck of Shadows | The Wizard of Oz Spread (Pt. 2)

In light of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the States, I will finish up the discussion of my Wizard of Oz Spread with an exploration of its meditative and magical use in easily realizing your own gratitude; those combined and corrective feelings of thankfulness and appreciation that we all naturally find intoxicating and uplifting. Even as I write this, I know that when I ask most people, What are you thankful for?, I get programmed (even if heartfelt) answers like: my health, my wife and kids, the money I make, the friends I have, and so on. These are all external objectives to you in some way, however. You don’t need a divination layout for that type of appreciation of independent people and things.

Very rarely do I get answers that show self-respect and a treasuring of the magical methods we use to actually gain our objectives; answers like: I am so thankful for my feelings of abundance, or I am so grateful for the thoughts that I think and my ability to believe, or I am so appreciative for the dreams I dream. In fact, how often have you heard someone – anyone – actually say, I am so thankful for being home and where I belong? Dorothy – in fact, all of the main characters of the story – ultimately discover this grand secret.

So, it is no surprise for us to now learn that The Wizard of Oz Spread can also be used to help focus your deep – and almost spiritualfeelings of gratitude on a very mighty level. Here, then, is a special tool for you to deftly wield and expand upon while developing the most compelling gratitude of all – that of self-appreciation!

Now you are surely asking, How can this be? How can a mere card layout help me find or regain overwhelming gratitude? The answer is simple. Gratitude requires that you determine the things, feelings, people, events, methods, and moments of your life that you find enjoyable and want to keep. When you add the component of self-appreciation to this mystic mixture, you regain the most powerful life strategy, ever. After all, Dorothy learned that her heart’s deepest desire – to go home – was hers to have from the very beginning. Your heart’s deepest desires are there for you, as well. And we will use The Wizard of Oz Spread to recover and uncover your great wishes.

So, with the recognition that there’s no place like home . . . let’s begin . . .

Take your Deck of Shadows or Tarot cards and, after mixing the cards, select four of them (in the divination version of this spread, you used six cards); one each for the following locations – North, East, South, and West. In using these for this reflective exercise (as opposed to a divination reading), these locations represent the following areas of gratitude in a person’s life:

NORTH – Dorothy (There’s no place like home) – MEANING: What you could value more about your home life.

EAST -The Scarecrow (If I only had a brain) – MEANING: What you could appreciate more about your own thoughts.

SOUTH -The Cowardly Lion (If I only had courage) – MEANING: What you could respect more about your own strength.

WEST – The Tin Man (If I only had a heart) – MEANING: What you could treasure more about how you are loved by others.

Now look at each card and find the admirable and wonderful qualities of the card, itself, or its opposite, if need be. Remember, this not a reading – rather, this is a tool for exploring great and powerful aspects of yourself. So you have lots of free rein in interpretation. As an example, in using Tarot cards, I have pulled the following:

NORTH: 9 of Swords. MEANING: Value more the fact that your home is a place where you can go to have comfort from your grief and regrets.

EAST: 6 of Pentacles. MEANING: Appreciate more the fact that you think about giving to others and have compassion.

SOUTH: 4 of Wands. MEANING: Respect more that your strength comes from the balance of your home life.

WEST: 7 of Swords. MEANING: Treasure more that you are loved for your responsibility and dependability.

In using The Deck of Shadows, I might get:

NORTH: Dreams (Desire, Wishes, Guidance). MEANING: Value more the fact that your home is a place where you can follow your dreams freely and without restrictions.

EAST: Wretched Excess (Obsession, Temptation, Shame). MEANING: Appreciate more the fact that you think with fairness and self-control.

SOUTH: Revenge (Blame, Outcast, Consumed). MEANING: Respect more that your strength comes from your grace and ability to forgive.

Good (Gratitude, Heaven, Worthy). MEANING: Treasure more that you are loved for your decency, goodwill, and integrity.

Where last week’s article focused on finding a person’s connection to the world around them, this weeks technique is all about  finding a person’s connection to themselves.

And at the end of your glorious exploration and this mighty celebration of . . . yourself . . . remember to close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, “there’s no place like home.”

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.

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