Thinking Magically™ | The Magic of “More”

Greetings. Come in and sit for a spell – literally – because today we’re going to explore together the craft of personal spell-casting; those times when we so easily enchant ourselves with the specific words and chosen actions we use. For example, when I work with people and ask them What do you want?, I often hear statements like:

I desire love.

I must have money.

I crave travel.

I need health.

I want to be happy.

On first blush, these statements seem to be calls for favorable, positive, and constructive outcomes, things, and feelings. However, really look at those assertions, again. All at once, you easily become aware they are openly limiting beliefs. In fact, each one of these proclamations unexpectedly presumes and then subliminally affirms a present lacking or a prevailing inadequate life! When you say, I desire love or I want to be happy, those detailed word patterns simply confirm to yourself (over and over, again, I might add) that you don’t have those things now.

I have found that, if you keep programming and reminding yourself to believe that you don’t have something now – when you keep focusing on what you don’t have – you make the potential for change and your preferred future more challenging. In fact, I’ll wager that you are also acting conditionally; your behavior is subject to the reality you think you see around you, and tied to what you think you know to be the truth.

As you know, I speak frequently about intentionally changing the conversations you have with yourself, and I always devoutly recommend dramatically transforming the precise words you use and the behaviors you exhibit so that you empower yourself. Simply, when it comes to casting spells over yourself, your own words and actions are everything.

Fortunately, change is easy and straightforward and, yes, alluring!

Let’s start with the incantation part of the spell-binding we put on ourselves; those words we use to invoke and reinforce our personal reality. Here is the first mighty secret to transforming your goals: all you need do, is insert the word “more” into your sentences. If you want to be a spell casting titan, insert some evocative adjectives, as well. Let’s look at the prior sentences rewritten and, in the twinkling of an eye, you definitely see that they now impart a different reality to your conscious and subconscious minds – let alone the Universe:

I desire more endless love.

I must have more plentiful money.

I crave more lavish travel.

I need more abundant health.

I want more never ending happiness.

Each of these recast sayings now sends a message to yourself that you already have some amount of love, money, travel, health, and happiness. These incantations invite you to build on the wealth and resources you really are blessed with, rather than constantly cursing you to remember your imagined frustrations and flaws. In fact, I invite you to look deliberately at your life and you will uncover the riches you already have – certainly a better starting place for your spell castings than a beginning born of absence and shortfalls.

Now, let’s turn our awareness to the physical rituals of our life; those actions that captivate and reinforce – and, in some case, precede – our beliefs. I have said, before, that magicians don’t walk through walls. Rather, obstacles and hurdles that others might notice, skillfully cease to exist for the enchanter because we choose to observe different things. And that’s what you’re about to learn, right now. In fact, you will find that if you change your personal rituals and daily ceremonies you will instantly redesign your life in any way that you wish.

So what is this second secret: start acting as if. How would you act if you were madly in love? How would you behave if you were a billionaire? How would you conduct yourself if you were about to leave on a worldwide trip or just got back from one? How would you perform if you had abundant health? And, how would you react if you were deliriously happy?

I challenge you to act as if for one week and notice the dramatic and formidable changes that occur for the better. Remember, you are concentrating on how you physically carry yourself. This is not just a mental exercise. This is about how you walk. This is about how you talk. And this is about how you react. Reshape your physical interaction with the world and the world will transform for you.

I believe you will magically change forever if you use these two secrets. Use them with positive intent, with responsibility, and convey to yourself and the world, finally, what you specifically want.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.

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1 thought on “Thinking Magically™ | The Magic of “More”

  1. At last …… a person who advocates for realness and genuineness. I’ve naturally turned away from spells per se as they feed a desire for what-is-not which can feed groups and souls….”woe is me”, and “i want more” in a life and world which DOES have abundance. I become saddened and, at times quite depressed at cynicysm and superficial greed, as i have found these wants stop people and society to proactively make moves and actions towards accepting our own personal responsibility e.g. complaining about people’s actions yet not looking at our own actions and “little” acts of cynicysm or greeds. May we all learn to give back to the world, the society, the neighbours, the colleagues, the friends, the family and ourselves. To start…..NOW and to build it into our own habits/routines/rituals. I knoe we can’t be too pink and fluffy as we are human, but to develop the skills to reflect in action after reflecting on action……
    I’ve moaned and lectured here :)……but it’s my dream, and i just want to live in the ideal world, but i do try to help it be so………;p
    affirmations roooooool ok

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