Thinking Magically™ | Purposeful Magic or Accidental Life?

Recently, I wrote the following Shadow Thought for the Day:

I am not so much living a life full of purpose, as I am living a purpose full of life!

This simple, yet powerful, saying generated a tremendous amount of feedback and got a lot of attention. As others read the words, the message quickly struck a forceful, subconscious, and harmonious chord. I believe there is a reason why. It is freeing. You just breathe easier, don’t you? So I thought it would be helpful to expand just a little on the concept so that we could explore together what I have discovered. I believe you will learn a practical and important new approach to add to your magical toolbelt. That being said, it is amazing how such a simple concept can become so challenging to write about.

For a moment, pretend with me that you are the boundless power of a real-life magician; you are the power of creation, itself, and you can do anything, and you cannot fail. What would you feel like? How would you manifest your mystical and vital nature to transform reality in any way that you might want it to be? Further, how would you know when you have mightily accomplished your objective? And how do you feel now that you have thought about those questions compared with how you felt before you answered them? Are you more motivated? Do you feel turbocharged? Do you feel like a bolt of energy has gone through you? Was there a little surge in your awareness? Or are you more relaxed and at peace? Really take the time to notice how you feel.

You will see that I did not ask you to think about how it would feel to have boundless power. That is a different emphasis. Instead, I asked you to consider what it would be like to be that power – to Be The Magicnot simply have the mastery to wield the magic! In one case, you are a juggler of various life events. In the other, you recognize yourself as life, itself – a capability, a potential, a command – who now creates naturally, easily, and flawlessly because there is simply no other way for you to be.

Once this vital difference becomes an integral part of your thinking, you will immediately change your approach to what being a magician and creating is all about. So re-read the foregoing paragraph again and again as it begins to resonate with you. And as you ponder what I wrote, you will begin to absorb the knowledge of what authentic magic is all about for me; namely, permitting your pure, imaginative self to express itself. In fact, you will see that I could have just as readily written my adage as, “I am not so much living a life full of magic, as I am living a magic full of life!

I am sure that this way of thinking about yourself may seem strange for some people and they will fail to see how empowering such a subtle shift in their self-talk can be. Indeed, many people I work with, instead of thinking about themselves as purpose-full magicians, live what I call accidental lives. Rather than recognizing themselves as an intention to begin with, there are some people who live out their lives as if they are corks in the water – bobbing up and down with the changing of the tides. They are moved about through life with the alternating currents. These are people who react and respond to things – rather than being elegantly powerful and taking charge of things with grace.

There is no judgment here, by the way. You can choose either path through life that you desire. And either choice is perfect for you. But . . . at least make a conscious choice as to which you prefer. So . . . which would you rather be?

Now, please don’t misread what I am saying as a disapproval of anything other than a steadfast and purposeful life. There are times when everyone is a cork in the water. There are times when everyone needs a break from being so determined. There are even times when we all benefit from being aimless. But, for me, those are the pauses in life  – the catch your breath and perspective giving moments – not the way of expressing my personal magic so that it ends up defining my existence. And I suspect that we might find that a life of constant reactions is not so useful if you want to be an intentional magician who reliably and truly manifests.

So, I’m going to leave you with this easy-to-answer question:

Do you want to live a life that happens to you or would you rather be a life that demands to be lived? Ready. Choose.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.

© 2010 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

1 thought on “Thinking Magically™ | Purposeful Magic or Accidental Life?

  1. Time to change the oil and wash my car!.
    Right after I make the bed and do laundry!
    But first, I shall make myself a three-course meal!
    Tomorrow, I paint the house!
    Thanks, Scott!
    I can do anything!

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