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Fall is approaching and because it is the symbol of maturity and wisdom, I thought today would be the perfect time to discuss a little known (and if it is known, seldom remembered, and usually consciously practiced only “now and then”) aspect of magical thinking; namely, the ability to intentionally walk through your world with untroubled wonder. By untroubled wonder, I mean the power of faith in yourself and unwavering belief that everything that happens to you happens for a reason and it serves you. Most of the questions I receive from people seeking readings are, in the end, usually based on some sort of fear – the fear of losing what we already have, or the fear of not gaining something we want. This type of thinking, in my experience, is the quickest way to hinder a magical way of living.

By the way, you will notice that fear necessarily feeds on some Future event. You aren’t afraid of something that has already happened (I appreciate, however, that you might be afraid of a reoccurrence in the Future). And, you aren’t afraid of something happening right now (Yes, I understand that a Present event might make you immediately think of Future, negative consequences). Because we, as magicians, endeavor to transform realities, that got me to thinking . . . what if, instead of a fear-based life (a life that is reactive to things, and places, and people and concerns about what bad things might yet happen), we choose to start each day with the intention of filling our time and our hearts and our minds with the love of the adventure each of us is on? How would your life be different if you grandly chose to be unafraid, valiant, and bold?

Easier said than done, you remark? Not really. Let me offer you a simple exercise that I believe will start you on the road to discovering whether you really have something to fear or whether you have created a fiction that you haven’t yet learned to resist. Take out a piece of paper and write the following incomplete sentence:

Life without fear is . . .

Now write a second sentence:

Life without fear would feel like . . .

Now take the time to complete both sentences. There are no right or wrong answers except for those that are not brutally honest. The point of this assignment is to help you to see what you think and feel about fear.

Once you have the two complete sentences, step back and look at your responses objectively. Can you see a pattern in your own thinking? Have you written down empowering thoughts like, Life without fear is achievable, or Life without fear is amazing, or even Life without fear is breathless? Of have you invested in negative descriptions like, Life without fear is impossible?

Did you write something for the second sentence that sounds like this: Life without fear would feel like Heaven on Earth or Life without fear would feel like a great weight has been lifted? Of did you write down a fatalistic response like, Life without fear would feel like I am lying to myself?

If your responses are empowering and inspirational for you, we can move on to the next part of this technique. If either of your responses to the two sentences are gloomy, cynical, or pessimistic, go back and find a positive way of completing them. It doesn’t matter how long you take to intentionally change the negative programming you have previously become a slave to.

Once you have two solid, upbeat and enthusiastic sentences, take the words you have written and fashion them into a magical catch phrase that you will use each day to remind you of your intent and choice to be fearless. For example, if you completed the sentence, Life without fear is . . ., with the word achievable, and you wrote that Life without fear would feel like Heaven on Earth, you might arrive at the phrase Achievable Heaven on Earth. Or, perhaps you created the magical mantra of Amazing Excitement (using the responses amazing and breathless as the inspiration for that phrase).

Now, each morning when you first awake and then throughout the day as you might need it, use your magical phrase as an incantation to invoke a day full of curiosity, awe, and fascination. Use your magical phrase to transform yourself and your expectations each and every moment so that you can begin to free yourself of the oppression you have been feeling.

I have often remarked that I agree that we are born with only two fears in life – the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises. ALL THE REST OF OUR FEARS ARE LEARNED! Isn’t it time we discover a new way of living? How would that make you feel? Pretty terrific, I’d guess.

I hasten to add, by the way, that there is a distinction between fearless magic and reckless thinking. I am not an advocate of a complete lack of fear. Some fear is good for us and certainly keeps us safe. I am not advocating a life path built on carelessness, thoughtlessness, or irresponsibility. Quite the contrary. Magical thinking is built upon one’s attention, careful consideration, and responsibility.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy and choose to be carefree.

© 2010 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Magically™ | Fearless Magic

  1. Hi Scott

    my friend Keith told me about you and I love your blog! I am going to use your magical catch phrase suggestion, thankyou

    Well expressed and I agree that fear, stops us living our best life!



  2. The subject of fear is ultimately interesting. I had a few conversations about it before I went travelling. When people would ask me if I were scared I would say that I was terrified. But that I liked that feeling in a certain away, and it was fear of the unknown and the unplanned that drove me on in life, pushing me forward, instead of holding me back, like it does with a lot people. I don’t really know what to make of it. Perhaps my ‘fear’ wasn’t quite the right word to express my feeling, because of it immediate negative connotations. But i’m not really sure. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  3. Tamzin – There is an interesting question to be explored by your comment – what is the real opposite of fear? In fact, is there anything that is the actual opposite of fear? For some, it might be “confidence.” For others, it might be “love.” I suggest that “hope” might be the natural and empowering answer.

    Yet, I have always been troubled by the apparent dilemma that “hope” is born from “fear” and could not exist without it. “Fear,” on the other hand, appears to arise from some dark (and many times ambiguous) thought about the Future (the fear of losing something we already have or the fear of not getting something you want). Perhaps I will explore this in a separate blog article!

    In the meantime, I offer this: everyone is afraid at one time or another. It appears to me that you are not as much driven by fear (your term) as you are by the needs for variety and adventure. You are one of those rare individuals who will readily say, “I did that already!” Still, I don’t believe for a moment that you are reckless. You are certainly not foolhardy or irresponsible. And, you do recognize fear as a message to be careful. As such, I suggest that the adrenalin – the excitement – is what pushes you forward – not the fear, itself. Having met you, I know you to be someone seeking significance and meaning in the life you live.

    Many people will do more to avoid their fears than they will to gain their own hope or to find their own happiness (pleasure). Once again, you happen to be one of those who will do more to find variety (your own pleasure and the importance of life) and not let your fear stand in the way of accomplishing your goals!

    Just some quick thoughts for now! Safe travels.

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