Thinking Magically™ | Finding Magic (Part 2)

I have a treat for you today! Today, you and I are going to be spending some intimate and candid time with friends. Not just any friends . . . but those circle of confidantes and advisers you created last week  as a result of reading the first part of my “Finding Magic” article. If you haven’t already created your own personal advisory panel, do so now! You will need that list of people before being able to use the magical techniques I am going to gift to you today.

So . . . you have your cadre of experts and guides. You have already asked each of them for an answer to the general question, “What do I need to know?” That technique is sensational for providing you with some widespread inspiration and sweeping encouragement. Let’s get a little more focused, though.

Take some time and look at each of the life wizards you have selected. Beside each name, start making notes of the particular areas they would be an authority on. Remember, we are using the following life themes:

1.  Travel/Adventure

2.  Health

3.  Personal Growth/Education

4.  Love/Relationship with Others

5.  Creativity/Self-Expression

6.  Faith/Religion

7.  Work/Career

8.  Lifestyle/Possessions

9.  Money

10.  World Situation/Environment

11.  Paranormal Abilities

12.  Philosophy of Life

An adviser might be useful in only one area. An adviser might be multi-talented and be an excellent choice in giving you guidance in more than one area. Once again, there are no rules. Whatever your intuition tells you is correct . . . whatever your gut tells you is right for you! That’s all that matters. This is about your personal choice – not pleasing others or even rationalizing your decisions. So, for example, let’s pretend that you have selected Lance Armstrong to be one of your advisers. For me, Lance can provide inspiration, direction, and wisdom in the following areas: Adventure, Health, Personal Growth, Lifestyle, and Philosophy of Life. That is not to say that he doesn’t have a sense of the other life themes. The ones I listed are just the those that immediately come to my mind as his strong points. You might select different areas for him and that’s okay!

Once you have found subject matter themes for each of your advisers, now is the time to select one challenge you are facing and find the experts of your group who can address that current test and seek their guidance. It’s as simple as just focusing inward and having an imaginary conversation with the adviser(s) you have chosen. Make certain you get specific answers or have a focused dialogue with your advisers. Don’t get lazy and just generally think about things or broadly imagine a conversation. I want you to have real, centered, and concentrated consultations. And remember what is said to you so that you can write it all down when you are finished with this active imagination tool. (Please remember – don’t do this or any other imagination exercise while operating a car, machinery, or at any time when your full attention is needed for the health and safety of yourself and others.)

I think you will find that the technique I just described to you will be one that you can use every single day to provide you that oomph – that additional excitement, energy, and passion to get you through the day and achieve your dreams.

But that’s not all . . . I want to leave you with one more incredible, profound method for using your cabinet of personal advisers. This one takes a little more work on your part. But I dare you to be honest with yourself, because the rewards to completing this particular technique will change everything . . . the way you see yourself, the way you interact with your friends, and the way you treat life.

Let me set the stage. Some of you may be familiar with country singing star Tim McGraw. In 2004, Tim released a song entitled, “Live Like You Were Dying.” One of the lines from that song really struck a chord with me. The lyric is, simply:

And I became a friend a friend would like to have.

So I now ask you, do you deserve the friends you have? Are you worthy of the personal cabinet of advisers you have assembled? I think you are. And I want you to discover that for yourself. So the final technique I offer you is this: take some time and write out a list of all the things you have to offer to the people who make up your personal cabinet of advisers. We’re not concerned about how they can inspire, encourage, and guide you. This time, it’s the other way around. What are your special talents, your unique gifts, your uncommon traits? I encourage you to really make the effort to write out how you can offer yourself to others and serve them well and with great zeal!

I know you will be surprised at the magic you truly have to offer others. It’s time to start celebrating . . . you!

Just some thoughts until next time. Have a magical day.

© 2010 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

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