The Deck of Shadows | Explorations into the Dark

Today I begin exploring some of the background and thoughts that went into creating The Deck of Shadows.

For those of you who might not have the deck , you can view some additional images of it here:

Deck of Shadows Main Page

Deck of Shadows Additional Images

Essentially, when you hold The Deck of Shadows in your hands, you are holding a collection of stories; an assembly of symbols and life themes that, when mixed together, emerge with highly personal accounts of who you are, how you came to be right here, and a hint of where you might be headed. They are less about fortune telling and more about investigating and making choices. But enough of that . . . I will explore some philosophies of divination in other posts.

In this post, I want to simply give attention to the collective nature of the images on the cards. Like most books, the pictures and messages on the cards are printed in black and white. The deeper meaning – the color, so to speak – is left for you to invent and unveil. I find that the clearly defined black and white space actually helps give focus to what you notice, rather than drowning in a pool of hues. Like the stories you read in books, information is presented clearly, and then your own imagination and creativity take over. At least for me, the black and white nature of The Deck of Shadows allows me to imagine – from reading to reading – the flavor, the richness, and the vitality that lies hidden within each card. And, in doing so, the black and white nature of the cards actually calls forth more emotion and connects with people on deep-seated level. Perhaps, then, the Deck of Shadows can be thought of as a coloring book for your soul.

The lack of a rainbow of colors is also consistent with the name of the deck. Usually, shadows don’t have discernible color. Shadows are created when something or someone blocks a source of light or doesn’t let the light through. Thus, by definition there is little, if any light, falling on the shadow. It is important to remember that the light, itself, is casting the shadow. For example, when your body comes between the sun and the pavement, there is a shadow cast on the ground. When your hand comes between a candle flame and a wall, a darkness is born on the wall. Our shadows – just like the individual cards – are a hint or suggestion (dare I say an imitation) of something much more tangible and real. In fact, shadows have been called inseparable companions – a concept worth remembering when you are using the cards.

In using The Deck of Shadows, then, I leave it to you to subjectively perceive the colors – the vitality, the richness, and the force – that wait to be discovered within each card. The Deck of Shadows and the stories that wait to be told with the cards do not represent an absence of color. Just like fine art, the black and white images and messages on the cards are meant to evoke a graceful and elegant response from you and the people for whom you read.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “The Deck of Shadows | Explorations into the Dark

  1. Scott – Thank you. What I love about your deck is that wonderful interplay of dark, light and grey areas. It’s a wonderfully fresh and powerful take on exploring experience and perception.

  2. Running to get my deck-Personal Symbols, I created a short sample of symbols for myself. I love the use of chakras interplay. Honestly brought tears to my eyes..your spot on my friend! Thank you!

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