The Masks of Tarot | The Palace of Wisdom (Part 2)

Last week, I started a discussion about “The Palace of Wisdom” and gave you some general thoughts on what this means. This week, I conclude with a method for incorporating The Palace into your work with others.

As a quick reminder, here is a visualization of The Palace of Wisdom in relation to the elements of The Mask, The Beast, The Light, and The Shadows (as I discuss in my book ” The Masks of Tarot):

The Palace – poised as it is amidst the Mask, Beast, Light, and Shadow – is the necessary and desired culmination of a collection of extremes. It is, in the final analysis, a Castle of Transformation, Sanctuary, and Certainty. It is a place within each of us that celebrates and prizes the fact that, as Blake stated, “Without Contraries [there] is no progression. Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate, are necessary to Human existence.”

The beauty of including the Palace in your readings and analyses with people is that you can readily give and draw them to true choices, show them an objective vantage point, and leave them with a safe haven all at the same time. They no longer have to feel relegated to reacting to their Mask, Beast, Light, or Shadow. No longer do they have to ride the waves of emotion that arise from the stressors of the day. Rather, they can be given a Zen-like oasis and can choose their life path, their disguises, and their goals by making a conscious decision to seek wisdom and enlightenment rather than continuing to focus on the competition of life; a personal gaining of knowledge underscored by spontaneous, subjective, and objective understanding.

How do you impart any of this to others? Once you determine a person’s Mask, Beast, Light, and Shadow, you can lead the people for whom you are reading to the path of the Palace by very simply asking them for a shift in their focus. Once a reading is given using the Masks of Tarot tools, you can then guide the people you are reading into a tranquil setting. Rather than being concerned whether a particular Mask is on too tight or even the right outward semblance, or whether the Beast is too dramatic or angry or disingenuous, you can now ask your Querents a simple question: “Where would you go where you feel the most harmony in and around you?” Once the person you are reading provides that answer, ask them to just close their eyes and relive that real or imagined place. It is the “feeling” that the place invokes that you want to capture during your time together and anchor to your reading.

Once the person you are reading captures the harmonious feeling, you then reinforce the concept that your Querent can remove himself or herself at any time back to this place of serenity. You can call this a sort of mental/spiritual/soul-mending vacation, if you’d like.

From this new place of peacefulness, you then remind the person you are reading that the Mask, Beast, Light, and Shadow you previously discussed are not to be rejected or judged – but to be accepted, as a whole.  Again, this is not the same thing as ignoring any of these aspects. On the contrary, the person you are reading should be gently prompted to accept all aspects of himself or herself as collective expressions of their true, undefended self.

By taking your readings into the realms of these personal places of tranquility, you are not doing the same thing as providing the balance for a person’s Mask (e.g., the Light). The Light is a counterbalance to your Querents’ Masks and serves to provide equilibrium. The Palace is not designed to provide stability – it is a different vantage point. When you are centered in your Palace you can view how you are being a slave or a master, and you can clearly see the dynamic relationships between the various aspects that make up the Mask, Beast, Light, and Shadow.

The Palace, then, is a place of experience – not knowledge alone; a place of acceptance as much as one of enlightenment. It is a place where the “doors of perception” have been cleansed and reality is seen as a synthesis of everything – our extremes are included and there is no real division that exists.

Learn to play with the “Palace of Wisdom” concept and you will find how dynamic, forceful,and radically active your readings become.

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Just some thoughts. Have a magical day.


1 thought on “The Masks of Tarot | The Palace of Wisdom (Part 2)

  1. I like it, I do understand the your expression of this realm. Much to learn of ourselves and work with what we are given. Thanks for that!

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