The Masks of Tarot | The Palace of Wisdom (Part 1)

In my book, The Masks of Tarot, I reference The Palace of Wisdom. Here is a diagram from the book showing the “Palace” properly situated in the midst of the Mask, Beast, Light, and Shadow attributes.

I have gotten a number of questions about the “Palace,” so I thought this would be a good time to briefly explore the concept. By including the “Palace” in your reading, you can provide even greater breadth, depth, and meaning. In order to do that, you must experience the concept, itself.

First, imagine a place where your heart and your soul are at peace. Imagine a place where everything is just right. No one thing is true . . .  here, in your special place, it is all true. It may be the beach for you. It may be a secluded mountain spot.  Or a forest clearing. It may be a lake. It may be nothing at all but . . . nothingness. Whichever place comes to your mind is your own, personal “Palace of Wisdom.” There is no right or wrong locale. Rather, we are interested in capturing the feelings you are now experiencing, not the actual physical spot. Simply, it will feel like coming home.

It is also important to remember that you have not left your Mask, Beast, Light, or Shadow behind – they still exist, but they do not intrude into this sacred place. They orbit just outside of reach and are always at the ready to capture your attention and your energies. The delight of your “Palace” is the fact that it is a place that is not as much a refuge from the world around you as it is a conscious choice to have serenity and acceptance in your life. It is not as much a place you retreat into as it is a centered state of being you select to embrace.

For the people you read, discovering the “Palace” will be a truly magical experience. They will find a personal and private place of equilibrium – borne from the melding together of various extremes (e.g., your Querents’ Mask, Beast, Light, and Shadow aspects) – and you will help guide them there. It is from this vantage point that the people listening will learn that, if they focus on nothing, they can see everything. In other words, the people receiving your readings will learn that, in the “Palace,” they are no longer emotionally invested, for example, in what their Masks might be. Rather, they will be occupied, fascinated, and serene with how those Masks fit into the bigger picture of completing them as illumined souls. At the “Palace,” a person’s Mask still exists – it is, however, no longer a destination or tool for obtaining anything. This is true for all the Beast, Light, and Shadow characteristics described by The Masks of Tarot system, as well.

Poet and mystic, William Blake (1757-1827) traced out the “Palace” in his great work, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.” In his writings, Blake noted that without opposition, adversity, and diversity, there is no advancement of the human spirit. Very similar to the philosophical construct of pluralism (or, perhaps, an expanded idea of dualism) and the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang, the “Palace” relies upon a fundamental rule; namely, that contradictory forces are, in reality, actively united, twined, and reciprocally connected to form a balanced whole. Simply, the people for whom you read need their excesses, not as achievements in and of themselves, but in order to attain the ability to see, feel, touch, understand, and experience one harmonious core. These excesses provide them with perspective!’

Part 2 will be posted next week. Until then, if you are interested in more information on The Masks of Tarot, you can order the book from Barnes & Noble or from Amazon:

The Masks of Tarot – Amazon

The Masks of Tarot – Barnes & Noble

Just some thoughts. Stay magical.


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