Thinking Magically | Essential Magic

I repeatedly refer to my concept of “Thinking Magically” when I give readings and do coaching sessions. For me, it is more important to empower you than to simply talk about your Past, Present, and Future (although I am well aware that discussions of where you have been, where you are, and where you are going are necessary components to a practical, magical toolkit).

To see where you are at the moment and whether you could use more magic in your life, I recommend asking the following questions:

Do I believe in myself?

Do I believe in my own magic?

Does it matter if I have lived at all?

If you have answered “no” to any of these simple questions, this might be an insight that a lifestyle change is in order. You see, I believe that the true purpose of magic is this: to take your fantasies and transform them into an incredible reality. To make the transformation lasting and gratifying, there must be at least three essential ingredients at work:




In other words, start asking yourself what the theme of your life is (or what you want it to be). Do you have a purpose to what you do and what you believe and what you say? If you don’t, then perhaps now is the time to start creating patterns, habits, and actions that work for you the way you want your life to be – not the way your life is now. After all, do you want the sum total of your existence to be “so what?” I think not or you wouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place.

Once you have that new meaning and direction, ask yourself whether you have an unshakable belief in what you are doing, in who you are, and what you want to achieve. Do you deserve the outcome you want?

Finally, can you still be amazed? Wonder is not just about being surprised, it is the mindset of looking forward to the Future and expecting to be awed! Find the magic! Be the magic!

Oh, one more thing . . . you can take my Essential Magic template (Meaning, Conviction, Wonder) and use that to focus a reading, and frame that particular reading’s contents.

Simply take three cards (or runes, or any other physical oracle device) and lay them out in front of you; one to represent “Meaning (Desire),” one to represent “Conviction (Belief),” and the last to represent “Wonder (Expectation).” Read those three cards in that order as an indication of where the person for whom you are reading is Now. Once the reading takes place, explore with the person whether those three exposed reading elements make sense and if they are the direction that person still wants to go in the Future.

If a change is desired for any of the positions, here is the time to work real magic – for any of the three elements sought to be changed, find the particular oracle device that best matches what is desired and change it to match the desired outcome. The mere act of switching out one reading element for another will serve as a transformative tool from which you can then work miracles! In fact, I often let the people for whom I am reading make the switch themselves as this just reinforces and solidifies the change work.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.


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